This Is Tulum: Esto Es Tulum (EET) Brings the Techno to Mexico for New Year's

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Esto es Tulum (EET) is an immersive music and art festival in the heart of the jungle – in Tulum, Mexico. It combines nature, music, gastronomy, music, workshops and cultural exhibits creating a unique way for people to experience the Riviera Maya while connecting with music in the unique natural realm that Tulum offers.

Esto es Tulum is a project created, funded, and developed by Mexicans for the citizens of the world, with the aim of bringing the essence of Tulum to the best scenarios around the globe. Esto es Tulum lives by the principles of no borders between ethnic groups, creating positive energy among each other.

Besides offering music events across multiple days, EET also offers a full gastronomic experience, meditations, Mayan rituals and of course, nature. Mediation and internal reflection is an important experience that can be lived at EET; creating positive energy with each other, doing things with a love for Mother Nature, and collective experiences are all key aspects of the EET festival. Another unique aspect is the participation in Mayan rituals. The Maya have always lived in a sacred world and by taking part in different rituals your life will be enriched and amplified. Lastly, gastronomy and cooking is critical to EET. Chefs from all over the world will be invited to the event to prepare dishes using traditional Yucatan foods. At EET you can enjoy the purification aspect of foods and drinks and experience Mayan crops like corn, beans, chili, pumpkins, vanilla, cocoa, papaya and others, integrated into beautifully prepared dishes. But best of all, EET offers the nature of the Riviera Maya – sandy beaches, mystic cenotes, jungles and mangroves, and the corresponding wildlife.

All the EET Events:

December 27:

EET Presents SPACE Ibiza with Javier Gonzalez, Kintar, M.A.N.D.Y., Roger Sanchez, Sharam and Tiga.

December 29:

EET Presents MDRNTY with Fedele, Guti, Madnax, Martin Buttrich, Matthias Tanzmann, Olivia, Serge Devant, Soel and Zetter.

December 31:

EET Presents New Year’s Eve with The Martinez Brothers.

January 2:

EET & Friends with Pete Tong, Nick Warren, Andre VII, Box Balam, DJ Angelo, Javier Gonzalez, Kintar, Nitos Tulum, Sasson, Savage and Shē, and Treceveinte.

January 3:

EET Presents T D 2 0 2 0 with Seth Troxler, Matthew Dear, Lee Foss and Actress.

January 5:

EET Presents ANTS with Fisher, Francisco Allendes, Paco Osuna, Steve Lawler and Tacko.

January 9:

EET & GATE Present Children of the Sun with Ace Brothers, Amine K, Armen Miran, Ben Seagren, Cellini, DAKAP, DJ Kramer, Facundo Mohrr, Guy Mantzur, Javier Gonzalez, Kintar, Malin Linnea, Moblack, Nico Stojani, Roy Rosenfeld, Sam Shure, Tim Green, Zach Walker, Zetter, Zone and Art Deparment.

Purchase tickets to the events and learn more about EET here.

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