DEG Presents: NYE in NYC

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2019 is almost over, and everyone is looking for New Year’s Eve plans right now. As it’s the end of an epic decade, this year’s celebration has got to be massive. Personally, I can’t imagine a better way to end the year than a spectacular adventure in New York City! Although I’ve never been, I am quickly getting a taste for the incredible music scene in NYC.  If you’ve seen some of the mind-blowing concert announcements, you’ve likely got DEG Presents to thank for it.

DEG Presents is at the forefront of NYC’s music and nightlife industry. From small-scale events to massive festivals, DEG’s commitment to making entertainment events exciting doesn’t go unnoticed. Considering DEG’s founder Eddie Dean’s has 30 years of experience in NYC nightlife, it is no surprise that his company brings a premier music experience to locals and visitors alike. This month, DEG Presents is pulling out all the stops and bringing some of the hottest music artists to the city to celebrate the new year. This series of events, dubbed “Big Week NYC,” features incredible talent at shows all around the city. 

Photo Credit: Eric Cunningham

Eric Prydz Presents: HOLO NYC

Now, I nearly suffered a heart attack when I saw this show announcement. If you’re a fan of Eric Prydz and you live in the U.S., you know how elusive he can be. Even on the very rare occasion he announces a “tour” in the U.S., it is typically extremely limited in terms of the number of shows and the locations. Plus, the shows sell out in literal seconds. It’s been three years since he brought his last curated show, EPIC 4.0, to the U.S. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve seen the mind-bending projects Prydz has debuted in the last year, including HOLO, HOLOSPHERE and VOID.

Video Credit: Eric Prydz Facebook

December 27th-29th, Eric Prydz is bringing HOLO to the massive 60,000 square foot New York Expo Center. That’s right, three straight nights of thumping house, techno and everything in between, featuring the craziest holographic visuals you’ve ever seen. Of course, all three shows will be unique. Considering he normally retires a production after its debut, I know this stage is special to him. It is an absolute treat to have the opportunity to experience HOLO in its full musical and visual glory. Unfortunately, tickets for all three shows sold out instantly. However, to the lucky ones that scored tickets: I hope you’re ready.

Photo Credit: Eric Prydz Facebook

Above & Beyond NYE in NYC 2020

DEG Presents is not stopping there, though. They’ve got a stacked lineup for New Years Eve aside from just the Eric Prydz shows. On December 31st, catch Above & Beyond at the New York Expo Center. The special guests joining them for the night include Andrew Bayer, Genix and Nox Vahn. Anjunabeats and DEG Presents are joining forces to bring this show to New York, and I already know this is going to be the perfect show to ring in the new year.

Above & Beyond is well known for their feel-good trance and progressive sound. Their music is full of emotion, and their shows exemplify that. Beautiful visuals and heartfelt lyrics will come together on New Year’s Eve to help you reflect on the last year and the last decade. Andrew Bayer is a close friend to the Anjunabeats community and is quickly claiming his right to fame. His music seamlessly blends electronica, tranc and progressive with influences from all different genres. Genix has had a long career in the trance music scene and is an Anjunabeats veteran. It’s always a pleasure to catch an artist who is so passionate about the scene and committed to the music. Don’t miss his set.

Tickets for Above & Beyond NYE are still available, but are due to sell out very soon. Grab your tickets here before the show completely sells out!

Video Credit: Above & Beyond Facebook

It doesn’t stop there, though. For those of us that are into more intimate, underground events, DEG Presents is bringing a series of shows to Schimanski nightclub as part of their “Big Week NYC” events.

12/27: Oliver Heldens Presents: HI-LO 

Oliver Heldens is a very familiar name in the EDM scene and is best known for producing future house and deep house. However, back in 2015 when he announced his new label, Heldeep Records, he also revealed an alias: HI-LO. Featuring more bass house and higher energy, I  always thoroughly enjoy myself at Heldens’s HI-LO sets.

Photo Credit: DEG Presents

12/28: Nero (DJ Set)

Nero is one of my all time favorite DJ groups. As a veteran in the EDM scene, Nero was there when I was just starting to get a taste for what it was all about. As a result, their shows are always an absolute blast for me. Yes, I’m that girl dancing like crazy and singing along; it’s a good thing the music is loud enough to drown me out! You can absolutely expect them to play lots of hits from both of their chart-topping albums, Welcome Reality and Between II Worlds. Plus, their DJ sets typically feature new bangers by up-and-coming artists mixed in with some classics by artists like Justice and Daft Punk. Honestly, just don’t pass up on a chance to see Nero, like, ever.

Photo Credit: DEG Presents 

12/30: Chromeo (DJ Set) & Friends

Canadian duo Chromeo is also playing at Schimanski the day before New Year’s Eve. Their unique electro-funk sounds and heavy disco influence gets everybody in the mood to groove. Paired with synth-pop vocals to get you singing along, their music guarantees the shows are a good time. As they like to say, blame it on the boogie! 

Photo Credit: DEG Presents 

12/31: NYE 2020: Bob Moses (Club Set)

And finally, the last show of the “Big Week NYC.” Bob Moses is playing an extra special club set at Schimanski. Considering that they typically play live sets, we’re expecting this “club set” to fall somewhere between a DJ set and live set. So, they won’t be exclusively DJing, and I think we’ll see a few live instruments come out throughout the night!

Photo Credit: DEG Presents 

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