Support Small Businesses: Our Favorites in the Scene

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Well, somehow it’s November and the year is almost over. Maybe there’s snow on the ground where you live, or maybe you’re sitting in the sunshine. Regardless of where you’re at, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the holidays are coming up and will be here before we know it!

So bring on the wild holiday parties, delicious home-cooked meals and spending time with loved ones. But let’s not forget the multitude of presents you will more than likely be buying this season. As we begin to make our shopping lists, I am challenging you to seek out or ask for items from small businesses for those on your listor maybe just yourself, nothing wrong with that!

When you shop through small businesses, you are supporting individuals in their passion projects. They spend large amounts of their own time and money on pieces that they feel reflect their values, hard work and creativity. Items from small businesses have a level of detail and care put into them that large corporations could never impose. So really, you’re getting the coolest, most individualistic pieces when you shop small. More importantly, you’re able to see first hand how your purchase can make a positive impact, and it does; it can help out with costs for school, putting a child in dance classes or allowing the creator to learn more about their craft.

I’ve had the pleasure of developing a list of my favorite creators in the music scene. They’re normal people just like me and you, so go ahead check them out!

Whimsical Libra

Woodburn Pendants by Whimsical Libra

Woodburn pendants have been all the rage lately, and it’s obvious to see why! The organic material is beautiful and classic while the beautiful images Whimsical Libra handcrafts showcase radiant self-expression. But woodburning is not all she does! This artist creates gorgeous prints and will be releasing new comfy leggings with her designs as well! 

Paintings by Whimsical Libra 

Check out Whimsical Libra on Facebook or Etsy!

Kitty Kat Kutz

Leggings by Kitty Kat Kutz 

Ladies — it’s time to ditch the boring plain black leggings. They’re comfy, I know, but guess what you don’t have to lose any comfort to add some sass to your style! Kitty Kat Kutz has the answer to all you’ve been looking for. Her eye-catching designs will have you dancing the night away with full confidence. 

P.S. If you purchase now through December 1st, you can buy two and get one free! 

Legging and hooded top set by Kitty Kat Kutz 

Spice up your wardrobe with Kitty Kat Kutz customs ordered through her Instagram.

Thriftworked Threads

Floral kimono with handpainted Charlesthefirst logo by Thriftworked Threads

Thriftworked Threads is here to class up the bohemian style so many of us rock without losing an ounce of passion for the music. This artist hand paints the logos of all your favorite artists, such as Bassnectar, Zeds Dead, STS9 and Umphrey’s McGee, onto gently loved thrifted items. So you can feel good about upcycling a beautiful garment that highlights your musical tastes! The garments are mostly unisex and would make a perfect showstopping piece for a New Year’s Eve show ushering in the roaring 20’s!

Handpainted Bassnectar vests by Thriftworked Threads 

Feeling classy? Check out Thriftworked Threads on Instagram.

Molly Flower Designs 

Feathered Quartz ear cuff by Molly Flower Designs 

Want to make a statement? Molly Flower Designs will do just that! You’re sure to turn heads with these gorgeous feathered ear cuffs– trust me, I found this store through a stranger sporting a cuff at a String Cheese Incident show! Not only that, the artist creates ethically sourced real butterfly wing earrings that will have you feeling as light and lovely as a real butterfly.

Ethically sourced butterfly wing earrings by Molly Flower Designs 

Express yourself with Molly Flower Designs, which you can find on Instagram or Etsy


Artwork by Usurpsart

Looking to add some fun and color into your home or workspace? Look no further than Usurpsart! These abstract pieces will turn your living room into the MoMA and great conversations are sure to follow. Most pieces are on canvas but some are painted on vinyl records and skateboard decks– how fun! 

Artwork on vinyl records by Usurpsart

Take yourself to funky town by checking out Usurpsart’s Instagram and shop

Wobble Factory 

Wobble Factory official branded merch

Welcome to the Wobble Factoryyour go-to for the freshest bootleg artist merch in the scene. Two knowledgeable fans behind the brand wanted to share their creativity while staying true to the music that shaped them. Thus, Wobble Factory was born with a record hot drop of Griz button-downs that sold out almost instantly. They’ve spun regular old merch into classy statement pieces, and there’s no intention of slowing down. Be on the lookout for some dope artist collabs come the new year.

Zeds Dead button up by Wobble Factory 

Stay fresh to death with Wobble Factory by checking out their shop and Instagram

Hearten Creations 

Forgiveness bracelet with Rose Quartz and Rhodonite by Hearten Creations 

We all want to be the best we can be, but sometimes it’s nice to have a gentle reminder of our inner power. Hearten Creations puts heart and soul into their bracelets and Malas using the finest gemstones to aid you in your journey. The family who crafts these pieces can guide you through the meanings of each stone’s healing properties or customize a new piece to ensure the work is personalized. Or, you can do one better: host a party with Hearten Creations with loved ones and friends in which you each make your own Mala. That would be a holiday party no one would forget!

Amazonite, Tiger’s Eye, Picture Jasper Mala by Hearten Creations

Share the positivity by liking Hearten Creations on Instagram and purchasing from their Etsy.

A Stitching Witch

Bonnaroo logo embroidered hat by A Stitching Witch 

Hats are a great way to express yourself and A Stitching Witch just changed the game with intricate hand-embroidered ball caps. Rock your favorite festival, anime character, animal or custom design. A Stitching Witch hats are the perfect gift for anyone on your list! 

Mountain sunset embroidered hat by A Stitching Witch 

Love these hats sew much?! Order from A Stitching Witch through Twitter or online shop

RCoko Art

Pendants by RCoko Arts

Your family heirlooms just got a hell of a lot cooler. Immortalize your favorite musician, artist or icon in a carefully crafted pendant by RCoko Art. Pendants can remain a simple photograph or have the addition of handpicked, pressed flower by the artist herself. Want something a little more personal? Pendants can be customized to feature family photos or pets if requested. This would make a great thoughtful gift for a relative or loved one. 

Pendants by RCoko Arts

Carry those you love by buying from RCoko Art’s Etsy or request a customized pendant through Instagram

Pampered Hippie 

Who are they calling “dirty hippies?!” Certainly not anyone using Pampered Hippie. The creator carefully makes these vegan bath-and-body products focusing on all-natural health benefits. By utilizing skin-safe essential oils, you are left smelling great and quietly enhancing your skin at the same time. And when you’re finished with your fizzer or bath bomb, a sweet little token such as a crystal or flower petals will float out. This just adds to the beautiful, calming experience of these products.

Treat yourself to some Pampered Hippie products found at their shop, and be sure to give a follow on Instagram

AyahEye Visions

An original creation by AyahEye Visions

Is your future so bright you gotta wear shades? Well, you should be rocking shades just as extraordinary as your personality. AyahEye Visions cultivates your vision of personal evolution with each pair of sunglasses. They are handcrafted with upcycled and recycled materials with a focus on color therapy and symbolism. It is recommended to set an intention before beginning the collaboration process with AyahEye or purchasing a pre-made pair. Therefore, one can always be reminded of their higher self while wearing these unique shades. 

An original creation by AyahEye Visions 

Envision yourself in these? Check out AyahEye Visions on Instagram and Etsy

Cody Colbert 

“Mac Man” on a t-shirt by Cody Colbert 

Looking for something dope for the pop-culture junkie on your list? Cody Colbert has got you covered! This colorful artwork highlights figures such as Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator, Stan Lee and more. Or, you can stick with some of the other hauntingly cool designs. Best part? Colbert’s artwork can be put on almost any material of your choosing, such as coasters, stickers, t-shirts, hoodies and prints!

“The Dead Don’t Sleep” by Cody Colbert 

Pop over to Cody Colbert’s Instagram or Redbubble to pick up the perfect gift!

Onyx Nine

“Sangria Jam” Harems by Onyx Nine

It’s time to leave your raggedy, old comfy clothes in the last decade because come 2020 there’s no need to sacrifice cute for cozy. Onyx Nine creates playful tie-dyed clothing that you will want to live in! Seriously, her clothing is perfect for catching a flight, dancing at a music festival, hitting yoga or having dinner with friendstalk about versatile! Her adorable new collab with new momma Jewelz by Jewelia for baby onesies is can’t miss. Make sure to secure your spot as the cool aunt or uncle this holiday season!

“Enchanted Forest” Mommy & Me set by Onyx Nine

Elevate your style through Onyx Nine’s Instagram and shop

Have safe and fun holidays, everyone! Happy shopping!

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