Rave Doctor: Protection, Hydration and Recovery

Photos via Rave Doctor

Here at Festival Squad, the community of festival goers and music lovers is the most important focus behind our brand. As much as we love getting wild at events and festivals, health and safety is always at the forefront of any night out. While festivals provide free-pour water and other safety amenities, it’s so incredibly important to take care of your own health before and after dancing 12 hours straight for three days in a row! Lack of sleep and proper hydration causes anyone to return to work with a foggy head and the wook flu. Luckily, the community has incredible resources nowadays to provide us with the proper awareness of health within the music festival scene. One of our favorite resources is Rave Doctor, created by two medical and engineering backed EDM enthusiasts for EDM enthusiasts! 

Rave Doctor is an incredible source for all things health-related in the music scene. Their mission is to provide health information and resources to the EDM community. Rave Doctor was founded after an incident that almost resulted in the lost lives of two friends at a festival back in 2016. The founders of Rave Doctor knew that if they had access to the right information on harm reduction, this scare could have been easily prevented. As a community, we all feel it when we hear of accidents and tragedies that happen at events. Companies like Rave Doctor put all of their energy and efforts into making sure each and every one of us return home safely after a night out. We strongly support Rave Doctor’s goal, to spread awareness regarding health concerns related to raves and music festivals.  They open the conversation on some hard but very necessary topics surrounding our music space. The more focus we can put on harm reduction, the more informed and safe our community is. 

Rave Doctor has extensive free medical resources all over their website, including the “Doctor’s Notes” blog, full of relevant information for the community. Along with their health and wellness resources, their two signature products are designed to protect, hydrate, and aid in recovery post-event! 

Their first product, Rave Doctor’s Protection & Recovery, was formulated by medical professionals and is designed as the ideal pre- and post-rave supplement, containing 13 essential ingredients. We all know the after effects of a festival weekend when we slack on water intake and vitamins; it makes coming back to reality SO much worse. 

Along with Protection & Recovery, you can also find HydroRx in their store. HydroRx is a hydration powder with 16 essential vitamins and minerals, designed to hydrate you 4x faster. For our health fanatic fans, HydroRx is also keto and vegan friendly; only 15 calories!

These products are designed to combat the side-effects of dealing with heat, extensive exercise (dancing/headbanging/shuffling) and dehydration. You can stock up on your Rave Doctor essentials here.

Companies like Rave Doctor are looking out for the greater good and safety for all of us in this community; portions of their proceeds from their sale of products go directly to organizations working to combat and treat drug addiction. They keep important conversations going so attendants of events can be educated on how to take care of themselves and their festival squad. They are continuously making a positive impact within our community and we fully support Rave Doctor and all of their efforts to keep each other safe!

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