AJ Salvatore Releases New Bass House Banger That is a True Werk of Art

Photo provided by AJ Salvatore

October 25th was an amazing day in the electronic music community. We were graced with an abundance of amazing new EP and singles. While I previously wrote about Crankdat’s new Fearworld EP that was released that day, there was another release that caught my attention and just got my body groovin’ out in my claustrophobic studio one-bedroom apartment. “Lyke Werk” by Orlando-based producer, AJ Salvatore, is an upbeat track, fusing house and bass elements for a journey through his diverse sound.

In late September, I wrote about AJ Salvatore and Atarii’s trap banger hit, “Insomniac.” Since its release a little over one month ago, “Insomniac” has gotten massive support from tastemakers such as Trap City on YouTube. But, it doesn’t stop there. Trap Mojito on Spotify has also highlighted the track, surpassing 78,000 plays on Spotify at this point. From the article, I still stand by my earlier statement 100% that “If I had to describe AJ’s music in one word, I’d say versatile.”

AJ Salvatore’s recent single, “Lyke Werk,” truly depicts the diversity within his sound with a banging bass house soundscape that swept me off my feet upon first listen.

“I’ve been having fun jumping back and forth between the pop and bass releases this year and this single is just another record that shows off the versatility I’m going for.” -AJ Salvatore

Listen to “Lyke Werk” below! 

“Lyke Werk,” similarly to “Insomniac,” showcases AJ’s heavier side of production. Once the track begins, listeners are exposed to breakbeat drums, old school rave stabs, and UK influenced hip-hop vocals. As the track progresses, “Lyke Werk” takes you through three unique drops and kick patterns that are borrowed from Latin music. All of these elements are incorporated into one three-minute-and-22-second track that comes together to form one notable house track.

“Lyke Werk” perfectly demonstrates AJ’s talented ability to integrate diverse styles of sound, without falling into a rabbit hole of doing too much. From the upbeat percussion rhythms to the grimy and metallic synths, “Lyke Werk” will surely have you and your festival squad doing anything but standing still while this unforgettable record plays.

“Lyke Werk” is AJ’s first single in a while that has not featured a collaboration with another producer. After listening to this bass house masterpiece, it just makes me excited to see what future solo releases we can expect from him.

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