Three Days of Sunshine at Electric Zoo

Photos By Devin Orlando 

For three days this past weekend, during the last prime summer month of September, Electric Zoo amplified New York City with some amazing EDM talent. Hosted on Randall’s Island, the venue offered breathtaking views of the city skyline, four genre identified stages, plenty of activities and food vendors for attendees to frolic among. As always, this event brought an unmatched energy and experience I have enjoyed for three consecutive years.

The People and Fashion

Each year Electric Zoo brings a diverse selection of individuals from near and far to be apart of the festivities, and this year was no exception.  Some fashioned colorful outfits strutting stripes between stages, while others opted for a more “trendy” city inspired look. One thing is for sure, chains are all the rage this season. Chain hoops, belts, backpacks, chokers, even on sneakers, you name it I saw it. Seeing how NYC is one of the fashion capitals of the world, I don’t think this accessory trend is going anywhere. Interestingly,  I found attendees to be the least “dressed up” in comparison to years prior. Instead of glitter galore and out of this world costumes, many rocked comfy casual apparel. However, there was a glitter bar booth and I rarely saw an empty chair, so glitter on girls and boys!

Although you’ve probably heard rumors of New Yorker’s maybe less than charming behavior, I can attest that this perception is often a mistake. In fact, the crowds were exceptionally respectful and accommodating, even during a few miscellaneous mosh outbreaks. Everyone was there to have a good time, the weather was perfectly sunny with a slight breeze, all of which contributed to the optimistic vibe of the event. 

The Stages 

Each stage featured a specific genre, which is a detail I truly appreciate when attending festivals. This makes navigating the festival extremely convenient because when I was craving some bouncy house, I knew to head over to the All My Friends stage, where I caught sets by some of my personal favorites Kyle Watson, Walker and Royce, and Dom Dolla to name a few.

I am far from a “basshead”, but I admit the Hilltop stage offered some great talent too and I found myself pleasantly surprised with Ganja White Night’s performance. He is doing some really innovative stuff with sound,  and I will absolutely be looking out for his name on future lineups.

Riverside stage received a makeover this year, and I LOVE it. It’s bigger, has a more open layout, and the sound system appeared to have undergone a serious upgrade. A favorite amongst attendees, the much sought after performance by Seven Lions, which closed the event Sunday, completely packed this stage more than I have ever seen before.

Last but not least,  main stage was home to the extensive list of headliners Zoo continuously curates. 


Electric Zoo did it again. It has vibe everyone recognizes as special and still draws me back year after year. Having grown with the festival, it is nice seeing how much the event has changed. From increasingly fluid transportation methods, the inclusion of shaded “chill” areas, and plenty of delicious food options, the organizers continue to plan new ways to accommodate attendee’s desires. A perfect mix of city sight seeing and dancing play make this festival a perfect Labor Day getaway— I’m already looking forward to seeing what next year brings!

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