leet and bd hbt Drop “The Big Festival Banger”

Photos provided by Phuture Collective

leet and bd hbt recently released “The Big Festival Banger” on Phuture Collective and it absolutely SLAPPED!

If you’re more unfamiliar with these artists, I recommend getting familiar with them.

Performance wise, Tennessee-based leet has an incredibly impressive resume. Throughout the past couple years, he has supported artists such as CharlestheFirst, MeSo, Brightside, DMVU, Of The Trees, and much more. This year, he made his return to Sound Haven and will make his return to Imagine Festival. Additionally, he’ll be performing at Daybreak Festival. Not only that, but he’s been releasing new music like crazy. This fall, leet teased an EP with Mystic Grizzly, album with NEWSENSEi, and a collab with Viskus on Wormhole Music Group.

bd hbt has also been performing at his fair share of shows and producing new music like wildfire. His music has even been shared by Alison Wonderland, who included hisĀ “Vice Grips” in her recent Radio Wonderland. Not only that, but he’s been very involved within his community. In July, he gave free sample packs out to his supporters and is active on Twitch, where he encourages his viewers to submit their music.

“The Big Festival Banger” marks the fifth release of leet on Phuture Collective. He now joins Phuture’s 5+ release club, which features a select few artists such as RVKIT, ZenAware, CLIN, chromonicci, Mr.L, and Noer the Boy. Alternatively, this track is bd hbt’s first release on Phuture.

In a short interview that Phuture Collective did with the two artists, it asked why they chose the title “The Big Festival Banger.” bd hbt stated that the release encompassed what leet and he consider to be big sounds. This song was a spearheaded attempt at making the largest song they possibly could.

The first completed track was five minutes long, which is an abnormally long time frame for a “banger” style track. This track contains three different drops, all posessing different amounts of energy. leet said he wanted to title it “The Big Festival Banger” because the name itself is very memorable and it accurately depicts the track’s mood.

“The time has finally come [for a bd hbt release]; and goodness, we couldn’t be more grateful for how this synced up!” -Phuture Collective


When it came to working together, bd hbt said that working with leet was very streamlined. bd hbt sent leet the original idea, leet added his original drops, they consulted each other on the final touches, and the track was officially born. leet commented that this went as most of his collaborations went, he would get the stems from the other party and he finished up the track. They both discussed minor changes throughout the writing process to ensure everything was as smooth as possible.

I recommend you keep a close eye on these guys and Phuture Collective. You can find its SoundCloud here.

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