Aadysi Fights The Daylight in Genre Defying Single [PREMIERE]

Photo provided by Aadysi

Aadysi (ah-duh-see) might be an unfamiliar name to some at the moment, but I highly encourage you to keep an eye on this up-and-coming producer. Aadysi recently graduated from ICON Collective, a music production school based out of Los Angeles. Equipped with the knowledge from ICON, Aadysi transfers his knowledge by combining his favorite genres into unique masterpieces that foster his distinctive sound. Over the past couple years, Aadysi has received support from stellar artists such as Martin Garrix, Naderi, and PLS&TY and I guarantee many more are to come.

Today, Festival Squad is proud to premiere Aadysi’s latest genre defying single, “Fight The Daylight.” Known for his innovative forbidden bass sounds, “Fight The Daylight” is heavy, yet emotional and riddled with crisp, melodic synths that unveil the possibilities that modern electronic music has the potential to go, while perfectly capturing Aadysi’s brand.

“Fight The Daylight” isn’t just a killer tune; it is an origin story of Aadysi and provides visibility into his life on his planet. Listeners will be transported to a story of honor and resistance in the face of defeat, outlining a major battle and turning point in the history of the planet Sontaeries. The battle was fought between the humans and the indigenous Kraesh people. In the end, the battle did not sway in the Kraesh’s favor and they were forced to return to the dark solitude of their forests. It is there that they remain today, and it is also where Aadysi dwells, waiting for the next chance to avenge his people and to take back the lands that were stolen from his ancestors so long ago.

“Hailing from the planet Sontaeries, Aadysi dwells in the dark forests of his world. Belonging to his native Kraesh people, he is bound to his home and forbidden to dwell beyond it. His story is constantly defined by the misgivings of his past and an eternal desire to find his true destiny. To understand who he is, he must embark on a journey unlike any other. It is a search for the origins of his being, a quest with an infinite amount of questions only found through sound and space.”

Following this single, we can expect to see Aadysi combining stories from his universe within his genre transcending music.

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