Words of Wisdom to Attend Bhakti Fest

Photos via Bhakti Fest | Written by Jillian Love

What exactly is it that has me wanting to make the long trek from the San Francisco Bay Area out to Joshua Tree every September to spend multiple days at Bhakti Fest doing yoga with a few thousand people in the desert? I could get up out of my own bed at sunrise and go to my local yoga studio and spend four hours taking classes with top teachers, followed by lunch at a healthy restaurant. Or I could spend the afternoon at a breath-work workshop and find an inspiring Kirtan to drop into while watching the sunset over an epic mountain range. And I can go to a live music performance under the stars on an outdoor dance floor full of inspired beautiful people until my body says it’s time to go to sleep….Now we’re talking. There is nothing like giving yourself the gift of spending four days “in-JOY-ing” yourself. And if yoga, healthy food, conscious living and inspirational music is your thing; well Bhakti Fest is definitely the place for you. This year’s Bhakti Fest is during September 25-30 at Roadrunner Dunes in The City of 29 Palms, CA.

From Sunrise to Sunset: Yoga Classes and Workshop Explorations

There are multiple yoga classes happening consecutively from sunrise to sunset every day at Bhakti Fest. Many of them include live music accompaniment, singing and even the backdrop of the Joshua Tree desert as your view. There is always a plethora of incredible workshops going on that offer the opportunity to further enrich your experience, through deeper exploration of mindful living and awareness.

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The Healing Sounds and Music

Of course there is also the music, an assortment of high vibe performers offering everything from ecstatic dancing, spiritually moving call and response Kirtan and even relaxing sound healings. With three dedicated sound stages there is something for everyone no matter what mood you’re in. Some sacred music performers at this year’s Bhakti Fest include Mike Love, MC Yogi, Samuel J, Mikey Pauker and more.

Screenshot of several Sacred Music Artists via Bhakti Fest

Pathways Full of Vendors

Now you don’t have to be a shopaholic to appreciate the incredible marketplace with vendors of all sorts. Artisan shops offer everything from handmade wares to music instruments and the latest CBD extracts. Browsing the vendor booths along the pathways makes even a stroll to the bathroom engaging. In addition, the food court is top shelf with a variety of diverse meal options. They also offer scrumptious vegetarian, vegan and raw food.

One last thing…

Another magical component of the Bhakti Fest experience that shouldn’t be overlooked is that you’re enjoying the event with several thousand happy humans. When that many people come together for four days to move, dance, eat, sing and “in-JOY” one another; something special happens. So maybe you could possibly recreate this type of experience in your hometown‚Ķbut it wouldn’t be the same. There is a synergy created by tightly weaving together consistent ongoing individually inspiring experiences over the course of Bhakti Fest that creates an entirely new experience all on its own. Bhakti Fest is the gold formed from an incredible cauldron of ingredients. It offers access to a level of Joy and Love that you really need to be a part of to fully understand. You just need to me believe me here, or better yet—come check it out for yourself! It’s definitely worth the trip.

Passes and camping passes are available to purchase through Bhaktifest’s site which you can access here. So purchase your passes and join their heart centered community as they celebrate in the magical high desert setting.

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