Bass Canyon is Sure to Bring The Madness

Cover photo courtesy of Bass Canyon’s Official Facebook Page

Bass Canyon is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more pumped to headbang with my friends at the one and only Gorge Amphitheater. Excision’s second festival is back for its second year and fans are beyond ecstatic. Though I did not go last year, I heard nothing but epic reviews about 2018. Armed with an incredible collection of the best dubstep and bass acts, Excision will host three days of the hardest hitting music known to man. I’ve already scheduled my chiropractor appointments, one before the festival and one for immediately after. Check out the 2019 official trailer below and dust off your neck braces.

Join me at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington on August 23-25th for three days of dubstep, friends, incredible views, and camping. A pre-party is scheduled for Thursday in the venue after sunset, for which additional tickets are required. Artists from the weekend will be going B2B2B2B2B2B so don’t even think about missing it. They are $35 and can be found here.

Headbanging is an art form
Photo from Bass Canyon’s Official Facebook Page

Additionally, the Space Dome will feature local talent from the PNW, so be sure to wander in to support up and coming producers. Each morning Yogacension will be led by Scott Winslow and set to bass music, of course. Stretch, revitalize, and re-center your hard working body before getting back out there to headbang the night away. Yoga will be held at the Pivot in GA each morning with a limited number of yoga mats to borrow, but feel free to bring your own.

Photo from Bass Canyon’s Official Facebook Page

Daily Lineups

The daily lineups are out now, so be sure to check them out below:

Excision’s B2B2B Spotlight Artists Revealed

One of the many reasons I love music festivals is the notion that literally anything can and will happen. You’ll witness unbelievable collaborations that will leave fans talking about them for years to come. Magic happens when two mega stars share the decks and create an unforgettable mashup of talent.

Are you ready for three days of BASS?
Photo from Bass Canyon’s Official Facebook Page

This year, the god of bass music will go B2B with Calcium, Chime, Jantsen, Jessica Audiffred, Tynan, Ubur and Yookie. As a woman, I’m really excited to see Excision go b2b with Jessica Audiffred. She’s been hailed as “The Queen of Mexico’s Trap and Bass Scene” and goes hard. Jantsen is also an incredibly talented producer who has been on the scene for close to 15 years. He’s worked with Bassnectar, Dirt Monkey, and Luzcid, and has his own unique approach to bass music.

Join me and your fellow headbangers August 23-25th for an unforgettable weekend of incredible bass music, friends, laughs, and gorgeous views.  Who will I see there?

Photo from Bass Canyon’s Official Facebook Page

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