What to Know Before Attending Airbeat One

Written by Taylor Dickason
Photos by Julian Ganto and Steffen Schulze

Airbeat One is an electronic festival held in Neustadt-Glewe, Germany from July 10-14, 2019. Festival goers have the option to either camp onsite, or purchase a hotel package in the nearby village. For main camping, guests are able to camp with their car at their campsite. The Nord and VIP campgrounds have nearby lots for guests to park their car and then walk to the campsite. Camping without cars onsite allows for a quieter camping experience. It is important to note that on top of a camping pass, guests must pay 50 euros in Main and 30 euros in Nord camping for vignette stickers that allow the cars to enter the site. Stickers can be purchased upon entering the festival grounds.

Campsites include free showers, drinking water, and flushable toilets. In VIP camping, campers have access to separate bars and lounges, whirlpools, a hair/nail salon, massage area, phone chargers and much more! VIP attendees also have access the VIP Waterworld which has its own stage, waterslides, and waterslides. For, attendees who do not want to travel with a lot of supplies or deal with setting up a tent, there are special camping packages available for purchase. These packages are for a separate campground near VIP camping and come with a tent that is set up ahead of time, as well as a bed inside. For regular camping guests, there is a camping gear store that sells the essentials in case you forget anything. Airbeat offers the option to rent a generator from the company “EnergyboQ” so that
you can have power at your campsite. The festival also offers free shuttles that run from the campgrounds to the lake and city for people to explore during the day before the festival opens.

Outside of the musical experience, attendees can purchase a Fun Flat ticket ticket which grants access to the rides at Airbeat. The festival offers 4 rides: The Europa Rad (ferris wheel), The Commander (a spinning cart ride), Sky Dance (the swings), and The Beast (A “pirate ship” style ride that spins as it swings). The Fun Flat ticket is 24.99 euros and it includes unlimited rides for all.

At Airbeat, there are lockers available for you to rent in the VIP, Nord, and main campsites as well as at the entrance to the festival. Lockers can be rented for one day, or the whole festival. The 3 different locker options available for purchase are a small locker with an outlet for charging, a medium locker with a charging outlet, or a medium locker without an outlet. You are able to pay by cash, card, or your wristband if you load it with money. Backpacks are not allowed into the festival, regardless of size so it is highly recommended to rent a locker if you intend to bring a back pack. It is also highly recommended to reserve your locker ahead of time online as they will be in high demand and will sell out quickly. An important thing to note is that Airbeat is a cashless festival, meaning that you need to pre-load money onto your wristband for use within the festival grounds.

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