Lowlands Festival: An Ocean of Culture and Amazing Music

Written by Klemen Kopina
Photos from the Lowlands Press team

How would you feel if you could witness a blend of music, arts, science fair, comedy skits and cultural workshops together? No, I am not about to discuss an episode of Star Wars, I am talking about “The Lowlands Festival”, a musical festival, held every year since 1993 in the Netherlands. This musical festival is not the average gala you’re imagining right now. The largest cultural feat of Netherlands has performances on almost every musical genre and spotlights any possible acts that can be staged.

Music is no doubt the heart and soul of the festival. We can see a lot of famous artists from around the globe who fly in to perform for a diverse type of audience. Yep, even the audience for The Lowlands Festival is diverse. We can see hippies, teenagers, party-animals, drunkards, families, even babies are there!

The fair does keep its promises, it’s a perfect place to party, the time of the year is beautiful and even the air smells jolly. The luxury camping site offers hot showers and real flushable toilets. With over 250 performances, on 12 different stages, foods from all around the globe and several luxury campsites, this 3 day fiesta will leave its audience astonished to their core.

This year a lot of famous artists from all around the world will perform including Tame Impala, Twenty One Pilots, A$AP Rocky, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, The National, New Order, Royal Blood and many more. Alongside the musical performances, a range of comedy skits and cultural stalls will be enacted. The great thing about the Lowlands Festival is that you never know what might show up, an Olympic Gymnast performed last year!

The Lowlands Festival has one of the most soul replenishing atmospheres that surely takes away your stress. It has a way to submerge its audience in an amazing trance-like state in which having fun becomes the only thing they want and have.  The Hot Press described the festival as “one festival that offers a perfect mix of smooth organization, fantastic artists and an incredible variety of activities.”

As unique as it gets, The Lowlands Festival offers people something they long for, the whole year. No wonder the town populated with over 60,000 people, floods the festival to witness the magical fiesta that takes place. The mix of all the activities makes this festival one of a kind and induces a colorful euphoric like state in its audience. This vibe is the reason even folks from far away, travel to attend this life-giving festival because it offers them an experience filled to the brim with an ocean of cultures, amazing music, and a variety of stalls and shows. The Lowlands Festival has become a platform for the people to participate in an ecstatic variety of activities that are very rare to be found in a single event. The Skinny magazine appreciated the festival by saying “Occurring annually for some 20 odd years Lowland’s wealth of experience shows in every aspect of this expertly laid out festival.”

If given the opportunity, The Lowlands Festival is an event nobody should miss out as it will embark in you, a new way to see the World’s colors!

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