Camp Kulabunga 2019: GRiZ’s Curated Campout

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Have you ever wished you had the opportunity to connect with one of your favorite artists on an intimate level? I’m sure this is a dream for many of us. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to step into their inner world for a weekend? Can you imagine complete immersion in creation, love, and freedom? This is all sounding too good to be true and like a fantasy. Luckily for GRiZ fans, this dream is a reality and returning for the second year! On July 15th, GRiZ announced via Twitter that camper applications are now available for Camp Kulabunga. Watch the recap video from last year below. 

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Back Story

So what is Camp Kulabunga you may ask? Camp Kulabunga is a 4-day retreat GRiZ and his friends created. GRiZ and Muzzy Bear actually met at summer camp and that is one of the inspirations for this creation! This is a place for personal exploration, self-empowerment, and community. GRiZ made it clear that this is not a music festival. He also let fans know this is a technology-free event.

I’m sure if you’re a GRiZ fan you remember his social media hiatus in late 2017. He went off the grid for almost a year. The reason for this was so he could reconnect with his true self and discover more of his interests. We quickly learned in late 2018 and early 2019 that GRiZ had explored so much of his inner being! He was painting more and stepping out of his comfort zone by singing on his first-ever track, Can’t Get Enough. Magic is found in solitude and it was clear that GRiZ had tapped into his inner magic. It only makes sense that he wants to promote this message and encourage others to step into their true selves and live authentically.

2019 Campout 

This immersive environment is complete with yoga, meditation, arts and crafts, team building, and more summer camp-inspired activities. Workshops will be held based on connection and self-empowerment. If you’re looking to connect with a community on a deeper level and allow yourself to be vulnerable, this is the place for you!

As humans, we heal through reflections. Hearing someone else’s story allows us to recognize parts of ourselves in their stories. Once we are able to create that connection, we recognize we are not alone in our struggles. Depression and anxiety are great examples of this. It is so easy to spiral in our brains and believe that we are alone in our endeavors. Having a loving community that supports each other through tough times is something we all long for. I really appreciate the concept of this event because that is exactly what GRiZ and his friends created. This is a special, sacred, once in a lifetime event.

What’s Next?

If all of this is sounding right up your alley, you can apply through the camper’s application here. The application states that not all who apply will be accepted due to limited capacity. Last year’s Camp Kulabunga had about 80 fans in attendance. This event will be held Septemeber 5th-8th in Michigan in accordance with the application. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and connect on a deeper level? Unplug from the outer world and get to know your inner world, you won’t regret it. 

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