Anjunadeep Open Air Lands in New York

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Anjunadeep Open Air is a party no one wants to miss. The label throws this event in major cities across the globe from from Spring to Fall, the perfect weather conditions for an open air event! This year it has already taken place in Miami, Vegas, and Bali. It will be coming to New York City, Montreal, London, Vancouver, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, and Prague. I live in New York and will be attending the upcoming event on Saturday, July 13th, at Brooklyn Mirage. The lineup for this Anjundadeep event includes Dee Montero, Eli & Fur, James Grant & Jody Wisternoff, Jeremy Olander, Luttrell, Marsh & Yotto. With a lineup like this, the party may never end!

I was lucky enough to see Luttrell and Yotto at Electric Forest last weekend for the first time and they put on some of my favorite sets. I truly felt like I was floating into a new universe listening to their intricate music paired with their unique visuals.  I’ve never seen anyone else on the lineup for this show but have wanted to for quite some time. I’m extremely excited to finally see Eli & Fur, as a female myself I have a soft spot for female duos, obviously. I love the rise of female producers in the electronic music scene, we need to bring our female power to the forefront of this off balance industry and people like Eli and Fur are taking steps to get us there. Additionally, I am truly excited to see James Grant & Jody Wisternoff, the A&R’s of the label, live in action.

Anjunadeep is truly unique in its own right and supports a niche genre of electronic music. Since Above & Beyond started this label in 2005, it has grown from a label focusing on progressive trance and progressive house, into a label focusing on deep house and trance house/melodic house, hence the name Anjunadeep. They have pretty much developed and taken over this genre of music. This London based label is home to almost one hundred artists, most of which have seen extreme success utilizing Anjunadeep’s extremely influential platform and unique resources. Every artist that has released through or is signed to Anjunadeep is extremely skilled and versed in electronic music. Resident Advisor once said, “whoever’s in charge of A&R at Anjunadeep deserves a pay raise” because the talent and releases that come out of this label are unparalleled.

When I first began listening to electronic dance music, I only listened to progressive house. It took time to be able to hear and distinguish the different sounds and chord progressions deep within the music. It also took time to understand what classified these sounds into different genres, and what BPM’s would classify them into different sub-genres. When making music with a computer, the opportunities are almost endless and you have to be an extremely talented individual to make great electronic dance music, there is no argument to be had there.

I have gained an extreme appreciation for deep house/melodic house and trance music, so Anjunadeep has a special place in my heart. After learning more about it and listening to it more, it truly calms me while also hyping me up at the same time. It takes me to this perfect place that I can’t explain but I know it’s where I want to be, and don’t know how to get there without it. The best part about seeing a live set like this is that the visuals truly influence the experience and they are always very trance like, hypnotizing you while you dance to the undeniable beat. I could go on forever about this style of music and the power it has developed over me, but I’ll stop for now. I hope to see you all there!

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