A Dream Nestled in the Redwoods: Northern Nights 2019

Featured image by Juliana Bernstein

Just this past July 19th-21st, Northern Nights Festival took over Cooks Valley Campground of Piercy, California for an epic return of great tunes, jaw-dropping production, and infinite possibilities as far as activities go- ranging from yoga & meditation to dancing until the sun comes up. As a first-year attendee coming from a “short” 15 hour drive away, I have to say that this particular festival, moving forward, will be one of my go-to’s for years to come. To give you an idea why,  here are a just a few dreamy encounters and reasons why Northern Nights Festival stands out in my storybook:

The River + Grove Stage Make for an Enjoyable Daytime Experience

Festival life…somehow its always excruciatingly hot during the day and cold as hell at night. Northern Nights was definitely hot during the day, but the ice-cold, healing presence of the Eel river made it all worthwhile. The River Stage was bumpin’ tunes from your favorite producers and DJs all day long, while you were able to relax and float along the river with your friends new and old. Be sure to bring your best and funkiest floatation device!

Photo by @Gershee

If you were feeling like hitting a workshop during the daytime, The Grove was your place to be. This ethereal den of knowledge and beauty was placed brilliantly under the tall Redwoods, making it shady and breezy even during the hottest parts of the days. Here you could find various breathwork , dance, yoga, and meditation workshops.

Photo by @KristinaBaky

No more hiding at your camp all day, friends. This festival has got you covered from sunrise to sunset, and in between + comfortably!

Photo by Juliana Bernstein

The Possibilities are Endless- and Then Some…

Northern Nights is a smaller festival, with an attendee gap of under 8,000. Some may think that a smaller festival like this lacks that “umph” factor, but you could not be more WRONG in terms of this one!

For those who are into watching the sun come up, the late night options are endless. These included sets at the Submerged Sessions Tent, the Silent Disco, the Purple Couch Gallery, as well as a multitude of renegade, burning-man style campground sets. 

Photo by  Juliana Bernstein

On the other side of the coin exist the early risers and the knowledge seekers of the festival realm. Northern Nights was particularly special for these types in that it was on the border of Humboldt and Mendocino County of California, meaning the festival succeeded in being the first to legally sell recreational cannabis onsite. This opened avenues for the incredible addition of cannabis infused workshops and interactive areas.  A few of my personal favorites from 2019 included cannabis infused breathwork + cacao, yoga, and community discussion.

I can’t wait to see what the team of producers has planned for next year. Happy Nights + see you in 2020!

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