VaVa Voom — It’s Deja Voom 2020

Photo by Don Idio

Calling all Bassheads! Get those passports and reef-friendly sunblock ready because Bassnectar has given us a sneak peek for yet another highly anticipated event. On Wednesday, June 12th Lorin posted a picture on Twitter of Deja Voom’s next potential destination. Deja’s new home looks like more than a dream: a beautiful landscape with tropical flowers, palm trees, and of course the glimmering ocean in the distance. Bassnectar knows exactly how to share just enough detail to keep us on the edge of our seats.

What Can We Expect?

Bassnectar’s Twitter page was flooded with questions, but the best of all were two magical words. Loyalty codes? YES. Returning Deja goers who plan on making Deja Voom round 2 will have the ease of receiving loyalty codes to ensure their spot. However, first-timers do not need to worry. According to his tweet, Bassnectar is looking to, “takeover in entirety” which means the potential of making this destination exclusively for the most dedicated of fans possible. For me, this is a huge relief. Walking around the resort covered in glitter and other typical festival attire while getting stares from families on vacation is something I would like to avoid. 

Science Fiction Deja Voom 2019

If Deja Voom round 2 is anything like it was last year, we can expect a relaxing vacation during the day with bass in your face at night. Deja Voom 2019 was more than perfect. From getting off the plane to checking in, enjoying our time, to checking out, everything was smooth and well orchestrated. Describing what it’s like to watch a Bassnectar set in a tropical setting is like describing the taste of water; you won’t understand until you experience it yourself. It was absolutely unreal to be on a beach, toes in the sand and being served countless Miami Vises at your discretion. There was plenty of room to move to the point that anybody had a chance to be up close front and center. Although Deja costs a pretty penny, I felt I experienced more than what I paid for.

As for the lineup, last year’s had an exquisite mix of talented bass artists and some Dirtybird gang to spice things up. Who knew that a mixture of wubz and boots and cats make the perfect concoction for an unforgettable getaway? My hopes are that the lineup is similar to last years in regards to genre and style, but I would love to see what new experiences Bassnectar wants to curate for us. Until then, be sure to keep an eye out for the official announcement this July!

What are you hoping for Deja Voom 2020?

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