One Month Out From Bass Coast!

Written by Dianissa Boigues
Cover Photo:  David Edwards Photography

Counting down the days as we’re only weeks away from SOLD OUT Bass Coast. That’s right, SOLD OUT! In case you were late to the game, the official Bass Coast ticket exchange is very active. Life happens, things come up, many people sell tickets last minute. Check out the Facebook page and see what’s up!

Who else saw the amazing news? Bass Coast was named “Best Boutique Music Festival in North America” by DJ Mag. This comes to no surprise as every year is filled with fresh new talent as well as seasoned artists.  This will be my first year attending and I’m super stoked to see all the great talent that will be there! Like many of you, I have no clue who many of the artists on the lineup are but looking forward to listen to new music. I’m really excited to see G Jones, Skii Tour & Alix Perez again. I have been listening to their mixes on the Bass Coast SoundCloud page, and if you haven’t yet, go check out the curated Bass Coast playlist below to get a taste of what to expect at the festival.

Let’s talk about festival safety for a minute. Bass Coast offers Reset Resort, a  joint venture with Shambhala’s Camp Clean Beats. It provides a peer-based support to those who are abstaining from substances and / or in recovery during the festival. Reset Resort is offering 2 meetings a day, and a workshop focused on sober partying and supporting your friends who are choosing to party sober.  In case you or someone you know needs extra support!

If you’re a first timer like I am, check out the “First Timer’s Guide”, it contains basic but important information from camping to clothing. Like, did you know they have a spa? Read the First Timer’s Guider here. Only a few more weeks to go, see you all there!!!

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