Lane 8 – Oh, It Happened

The anticipated This Never Happened Summer Gathering at Brooklyn Mirage was everything that Lane 8 fans could have hoped for, and more. This was my first time experiencing a Lane 8 Summer Gathering and I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like it. When you walked into the venue they handed out his signature cards, see below. 

Photo by Sheila DeMoura
Photo by Sheila DeMoura

There were guards at every door stopping people from entering until a Lane 8 branded sticker was wrapped around the cameras on everyones phone. Lane 8 wanted to be sure that no one would take any photos or videos during the performance, which is a big part of his message. A friend of mine was staffed for the event to provide additional security and ensure no one was removing the sticker from their phone or taking any photos or videos, they took it pretty seriously.

For the first time in my life, I experienced what it was like to be at an event prior to the development of a cell phone. People were dancing, socializing, and truly living in the moment. It was something very special to experience. 

To top it all off, Lane 8 played a breathtaking set. I felt like the entire time the performance was just building. With every build, the tension grew stronger and with every drop, the release was bigger and that much more satisfying.

I really enjoyed the stage set up, Lane 8 was surrounded by trees on both sides of him, behind him, and in front of him. He had 360 projected visuals on all four of the walls that engulfed the crowd in a sea of unique patterns. At one point the walls all looked like water, and at another moment like a kaleidoscope. They transitioned into visuals of mountains, what looked stained glass, as well as images of flint and cut up rocks. I loved getting lost staring at them trying to figure out what they were, truly mesmerizing. Images of Lane 8’s This Never Happened as well as his logo peaked through the visuals as well.

To add to the captivating images, the lights enhanced everything even more. Sticking with a color scheme of pink, blue, purple, yellow, and white, it was a very dreamy atmosphere. The yellows were my favorite, I love when artists drop yellow into a blue, purple, pink color wheel, it is so bold and just strikes you. The lighting was spot on, completely in sync with the beat and the tone of the music. 

I don’t get to go to parties like this, they don’t exist. I’ve never met an artist or attended an event that took photos and recording so seriously, unless it was a private listening party of sorts. Lane 8’s message is that, in this day and age, if something wasn’t recorded, documented, or posted – Did it even happen? So his message is, This Never Happened. However, he tells his fans and tries to prove the message that those who experienced it know that something beautiful did happen, something so beautiful that it could only be experienced in that moment because it will never happen again. Live your life now, it’s the only thing you really have.

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