2019 Festival Fashion Trends We Love

Cover photo by Amanda Cosenza for Festival Squad

As the 2019 festival season swings into full gear, we are excited to see some hot, new looks.  Each season tends to roll out different fashion trends fueled, of course, by social media. The Festival Fashion movement has quickly evolved into a new niche for Fashion and Product Designers. People used to throw on a tutu and go, but those days are well behind us. Personally, I love to design my festivals outfits [sometimes] months in advance, depending on the fun, unique pieces I’ll scout out. Sometimes all it takes is one accessory to spark inspiration!

I am continually intrigued and inspired by the different looks people put together.  Festivals are the perfect place to explore outrageous fashion looks we wouldn’t normally rock in everyday life. Here are some of the emerging favorite looks for 2019.

Color Blocking

Color blocking, or dressing head to toe in one color, has been very popular. Neon colors, circa 1992, are often paired with a checkerboard pattern. Pastels have also been en vogue, as seen below at Buku earlier this year. I’ve also seen entire squads take this theme to a whole new level by coordinating their colors! Group costumes will never go out of style.

Photos by Danica Anne for Festival Squad  @ourdanica

Bold Graphic Patterns

Outrageous geometric prints, black and white checkerboard prints, stripes, animal prints and everything in between have come out to play. Fearless pairings of bold patterns on bold patterns have taken Festival Fashion up a notch. I never would have put together the gal on the right’s look, but WOW do I love how she layered these patterns and colors. 

Photo by Danica Anne for Festival Squad @ourdanica


It seems flower crowns have been traded for an edgier look. Harnesses of all kinds have gained momentum over the last year. These can come in the form of belts, chokers, garters, tops and shoulder/chest harnesses. Worn decked out from nose to knees or layered over other items, this trend is all about the accessories. My personal favorite are holographic harnesses/accessories which create an other wordly vibe. Both men and women absolutely slay this look, as seen below.

Photo by @alivecoverage   for BUKU Music & Art Project
Photo by Taylor Regulski for Festival Squad  @the.camera.lady
Photo by @cayanashleyphotography 

Sequins: Still Strong 

One trend that isn’t going anywhere is SEQUINS. What says ‘music festival’ better than sequins? Kimonos, tops, bottoms, capes—anything, really– are still sassy and fun.  We continue to see lots of different shapes, such as the “sword sequin” that Paris Hilton is rocking below. I believe sequins to be the ultimate festival look because they’re so dynamic and different from every day clothes.

Photo by Taylor Regulski for Festival Squad  @the.camera.lady
Photo by Taylor Regulski for Festival Squad  @the.camera.lady

Come As You Are

While dressing up is fun, there is no right or wrong way to dress to dance with your friends.  Come in jeans and a T-shirt or decked out in your favorite ensemble.  Some of my fondest memories have been made at festivals and rarely does it have anything to do with fashion; it’s about the music, connections, friends, and celebration of creativity. Remember to be YOU, because everyone else is taken!

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