San Holo – A Night With Bitbird

Feature Photo from San Holo Official Facebook

San Holo is coming to the Big Apple this weekend with DROELOE, Taska Black, Giraffage, Rome In Silver, and Underscores for ‘A Night with bitbird’. Ever since the announce of San Holo’s own label venture, bitbird, the world has been dying to see a show curated by the label. What better than an outdoor mini festival at Brooklyn Mirage to start off the spring right? 

San Holo, most commonly known for his multi-platinum single ‘Light’ is a true creative in the space, he has successfully created a unique electronica sound that truly hasn’t been captured by anyone else before. With high pitches synths, unqiue guitar riffs, unthought of production techniques, and extremely catchy melodies, the listener is drawn in from the get go. To top it off, the lyricism and vocal production is incredible in all of his releases and he chooses his vocalists perfectly.

San Holo produces all of his own music, plays the guitar, and sings. A true musician, with a serious education from Codart in music production and guitar. He was teaching guitar lessons to kids, working with bands, and ghost producing before he decided to take his artistry to the next level. Once production experience began seeing commercial success, and he realized he could take his talent to the next level. Like many of the truly talented musicians in the electronic space, San Holo puts on a great live performance. He comes out and plays guitar, and sings his own tracks; unlike the typical DJ set that many artists put on. From my experience, his live sets are always just improvisational enough to make the audience wonder ‘Is he really making this up on the spot right now, or is he THIS good?’

Those who know San Holo know that he is extremely dedicated to the music and promoting a certain sound at any cost. It isn’t about being famous to San Holo, it is about the creativity and making emotional music that makes others relate to each other and feel something. He openly lives up to his name by promoting fairness, honesty, and creative control to all of the artists under bitbird. San Holo’s manager Budi Voogt helps to run the label with him and his child hood friend and co-founder/creative director, Thorwald van den Akker. Many don’t realize that bitbird was formed back in 2014 with its first release being ‘The First Route’ by Duskus. The release that gained the most attention was the labels compilation album, Gouldian Finch, that released July 2016. After this release San Holo released ‘Light’ in November that year under bitbird which went on to be a multi-platinum single that has truly taken him, and bitbird, to the next level. San Holo kept making music, releasing singles, and just last year finally released his first studio album, Album 1, which released on September 21st 2018 and debuted at #7 on the Billboard Dance Charts!

Though I have seen San Holo and DROELOE before, I haven’t seen any of the other bitbird artists on the lineup! I’m truly excited to check out other artists that San Holo himself believes are worthy to release through bitbird, that alone gets my respect. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet grab them here:! I hope to see you there!

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