Kaskade’s Unique LED Grid Stage Design

Photo by Eric Cunningham @ericm_nyc

On May 17th, Kaskade took New York City by storm with a completely sold out show at Brooklyn Mirage. Over six thousand people came out to hear Kaskade’s new Redux003 EP live.

Kaskade came out at 1AM and played until 4:30AM, truly showcasing his experience and ability to DJ for countless hours on end. It is rare to find an artist in 2019 that will come out and play a set for more than two hours, nevermind three and a half!

He played the entire Redux003 EP throughout his performance, mixing in pieces of each song and playing some in full. Of course, he had to mix in his old hits since it was a Redux show! He played some of his top hits like ‘Us’ and ‘Disarm You’, every time I’ve seen Kaskade he has played those timeless tracks. He also played ‘Beneath With Me’ Ft. Skylar Grey and Deadmau5 which I have never seen him play live so this was really awesome to see. As for the real oldies, he played some songs that have been around for over eight years like ‘Angel On My Shoulder’, ‘Eyes’, and ‘Fire in Your New Shoes’. The crowd was loving every second of the performance, and the stage design just made it that much better. 

Photo by Eric Cunningham @ericm_nyc

For those of you that haven’t been to Brooklyn Mirage, it is one of the best venues for an electronic music experience. There are pillars throughout the entire venue with lights on top, lights around the entire border of the open ceiling, 360 projection, giant LED screens behind the stage, and so much more. Kaskade decided that he didn’t want to use any of that. Instead, he wanted to build unique structures that would be placed on either side of him on stage while he performed.

For the first hour of Kaskade’s set he kept most of the lights off aside from a few uplights behind him. The structures on either side of him stayed dark and everyone was wondering what was going to happen next. Suddenly, the structures began to glow and Kaskade was surrounded by two 25 foot tall LED grids.

Photo by Eric Cunningham @ericm_nyc

These grids lit up in patterns, sometimes they flashed, sometimes they even looked like rain was falling beside him. This was a truly memorable experience for Kaskade fans, it seems like he is always breaking the barrier of what it means to be different. He was only supposed to perform until 4AM but he didn’t stop. When 4AM hit, he played ‘4AM’ and the crowd went wild! We all thought he would be ending his set soon after, but instead he just threw that track on and continued to play for another 30 mins.

To close out the set he stood on the booth and thanked us all for being there. This night will definitely go down in history for everyone that was there and I can only expect even crazier stage designs to come at his future events. Continue to follow Kaskade to see what he has going on next on his socials through his website: https://www.kaskademusic.com/ and get your tickets to his Sun Soaked festival while you still can! Keep up with upcoming Brooklyn Mirage events here: https://www.avant-gardner.com/events/.

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