Bonnaroo Plazas: An Elevated Camping Experience

Photos by Lauren Simpson

Picture this, you and the squad are searching for your way back to camp after being catapulted on a journey through space and time. Now, it’s well after 3AM and for 2 hours and 15 minutes during the Space Jesus B2B Eprom B2B Shlump set we all experienced an alien wub takeover. Keep in mind, it’s still only night 1. In the midst of Mission Find Camp, your attention is caught by rainbow lights in the distance and strange noises coming from a barn. You are now entering the world of House of Yes. The night is about to get a little stranger.

The days of camp serving as only a place to sleep are long gone at Bonnaroo. Bonnaroo continuously works to redefine the festival environment and experience (who else is excited about the new arch?!). In 2018, Bonnaroo introduced the Plazas, formerly known as camping Pods. Bonnaroo is known as the festival with non-stop music and fun. That’s why it only makes sense to have the campground Plazas as an extension of the music festival fun!

Each plaza contains charging stations, drinking water, free wifi, portable restrooms, showers, medical, shade, information stations, and of course fun activities, parties, and art! In addition, all Plazas have themes with activities going on day and night. You never know who you’ll meet or stumble upon at Bonnaroo, especially in these Plazas.

Plaza 2: Sanctuary Of Self-Love Curated by Hayley Williams of Paramore

Yup! You heard right. A self-love sanctuary is something we can all benefit from. Paramore’s Hayley Williams will be curating this lovely experience. Honor yourself while surrounded by like-minded, kind-hearted people. In addition, engage in a variety of self-love acts ranging from getting your hair done, yoga classes, biodegradable glitter stations, sunrise meditation, sound therapy, a mental health panel and more.  

Plaza 3: House of Yes & Little Cinema

The House of Yes will be returning this year and we couldn’t be more excited! The Brooklyn Cirque De Soleil spectacle will be offering unique experiences. Here you will find drag queens, dance parties, circus acts and more. In addition, this is where the first-ever Bonnaroo pride parade will be! We highly encourage engaging in radical expression. The House of Yes will also include dirty circus, cinema club, and more.

Plaza 6: The Boogaloo of Wonder

Start the mornings off right with daily guided mediations from 11:00-11:20AM. Center yourself with Power Spell Yoga led by Meghan D’Amico. After you connect with your inner self through yoga and meditation, be sure to immerse yourself in the whimsical light installations designed by Mark Kluge.

Plaza 7: The Ville and The Grove

Stumble into the world of The Grove aka the shaded hammock sanctuary. Cool off and unplug in this perfect area filled with art installations, live music, food, and more. We all know it wouldn’t be Bonnaroo if it didn’t get a little weird after dark. You never know what you will experience here. Artists including DJ Tottie, Nanny Cantaloupe, Eucalyptus, DJJJS, and more will be jamming out in this area.

Plaza 9: Bayou Libre

New Orleans entertainment collective FREEWATER curates this interactive experience. Enjoy the shade in Bayou Libre with musical acts and parties. Don’t miss the Move Ya Brass “twerk out” exercise class! Gather a team of friends and head over to this plaza for the Bonnaroo Backyard Olympics.

Happy Roo! 

Relax, rejuvenate, and restore in your favorite Plaza. We all know we will need every ounce of energy to party all night long on The Farm. Only a few short weeks before we get to experience the Plazas for ourselves. Happy Roo!

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