The Desert Dwellers Announce ‘Breath’ [Album Release]

The Desert Dwellers released Breath this last Friday. This is the fourth elemental entry in the electro-mystical odyssey of their Downtemple Dub collection. While finishing up their Spring tour, the two managed to drop one of their most experiential albums yet.

Breath was released on Black Swan Sounds. It consists of 10 different distinctive tracks by the two artists with over twenty musicians and vocalists. The Desert Dwellers continue to embrace their tribal and deep bass percussion through instrumentals and vocals.

Desert Dwellers

Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe have been creating imaginative and psychedelic experiences through sound for years. The two just recently celebrated their 20th anniversary of making music together. On the new album they have collaborations with Meagan Chandler, Ricardin, Madi Sato, Darpan, Drumspyder, HÄANA, Lynda Arnold,  Paul Livingstone, and many more.

Desert Dwellers - Hummingbird Stage

Breath is a dance across language and sound that calls attention to the universal power of music to dissolve the borders and boundaries of modern culture. Listen to the slow tribal rhythms mix with the signature sound of the two as they’ve released the following tracks. 


The album kicks off with a slow intro into Praise her, the Fire Keeper. It’s almost as if you’re listening to the wind blow as the soft vocals of a woman chimes in and out of the waves. String melodies follow through the next track leading into Dreams Within a Dream. This track enters a tribal beat as the steady drum intertwines with the folk instruments.

Traversing the Endless Road hits a tropical rhythm while remaining on that slow house groove. Bringing together vocals and instrumentals, the beat of the track flows slowly through the body. Entering into another dimension of the album, Closed Eyes in a Dust Storm picks up the pace a bit. Hitting a combination of glitch hop and downtempo together, One That Show the Way begins to vibrate the soul.

At Last, Our Refuge takes the listener into the sensuous atmosphere of sound. Soft chimes and vocals leave the listeners getting lost behind their eyelids and drifting into outer space. Entering new energy, To Be the Air gravitates towards the exploration of a methodic and meditative world. Longing for Home brings together the combination of vocals, meditative worlds, and glitch hop into one as the track goes through a journey within one.

Realms of Splendor and Breathing the Mysteries concludes the adventure of Breath. Focusing on the mind, body, and soul, the two tracks take you to the end of the journey full of nomadic world-fusion of sound. 

Ultimately the album is an experiential creation of raw sounds and production combined. Desert Dwellers draw listeners in by taking them through an immersive experience through sound and voice while focusing on their unique art. Beyond the sound, the two use psychological and musical heritage to design a journey of their own. 

Desert Dwellers Breath Tour – Spring 2019

5/3-5/4 Red Rocks, Colorado

5/9-5/13 Lightning in a Bottle, California

5/17 San Diego, California

6/1 Austin, Texas

6/13 Anthropos Festival, UK

6/29 Lovelight Festival, New Jersey 

Click here for tickets. 

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