Take A Spin Around The 2019 Desert Hearts Festival Lineup

Well, perhaps just in the nick of time, Desert Hearts released the ever so coveted 2019 festival lineup. And we are not disappointed. It’s a mighty lineup that will be showcasing both the heaviest hitters and the promising newcomers in House and Techno.

Obviously, no matter who hits the line up, the festival is unique enough to make it a “Must-Attend” year after year. The community, the location, and the fashion are why we have fallen deep in love with this event- and why we don’t even need a lineup to purchase a ticket. However, this lineup proved that good things definitely come to those who wait. And with one stage, it is entirely possible to catch every artist that will be attending, as long as you stock up on your Five Hour Energy and warmest faux fur.

Worth the wait? You bet.

No matter the lineup, though, catching the Desert Hearts boys is always a treat. If you’re staying for the entirety of the festival, you absolutely have to make it to the family set on Monday morning. This is where all of the magic culminates before the festival’s end. To get better acquainted with the fabulous lineup, here are 10 tracks from some of the artists we’re most excited to dance with in only two short weeks. Please share the artists that light you up in the comments below!





LEE REYNOLDS (the Desert Hearts party animal extraordinare)

MARBS (the provider of the dark beats no Desert Hearts event can go without)



RODRIGUEZ JR. (And it’s a live set…swoon)


Stoked? You should be. There is a reason this festival sells out before the lineup is even announced. However, if you slept on tickets, your best bet is to stalk the Resident Advisor ticket page and hope that a kind soul puts theirs up for resale. The Desert Hearts Facebook page is also a viable option. Good luck out there! And for those of you that snagged a ticket- see you soon!

In the meantime, if you want a refresher on why this festival is so special, get to know some of the community here. If you want to know what we thought of the 2018 edition, check it out here. We would love to hear some of your favorite Desert Hearts memories below to get us even more excited for the festival!

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