Sundara – An Interview with Visual Artist Victor Mosquera

Featured Photo from the SUNDARA Official Facebook page

Sundara was one of the most incredible festivals I have ever been to. Taking place on an all inclusive resort in Riviera Maya Mexico, it was not only warm and beautiful but also indulgent. My favorite thing about the festival wasn’t even the location or the amazing Foreign Family lineup, but the way it was set up and everything it included. The first show of the day wasn’t until midday at the pool. However, there was 6AM sunrise yoga or 10AM yoga every day for those interested in getting some peaceful stretching in. During this time one could also do excursions, hangout on the beach, eat at the buffet or snorkel in the ocean. One of the days ODESZA did a yoga DJ set for us at 10AM forcing everyone to get up early, but it was worth it. There was a 2 hour gap between the pool parties and the start of the festival which was perfect to give attendees time to go out to dinner or to the amazing buffet. Following the festival there were after parties in the club on the resort! Everything was spaced out perfectly to give attendees enough time to enjoy the shows, the resort, and Mexico.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview Victor Mosquera while attending the magical Sundara festival. Victor is a visual artist that has been designing visual art for over 10 years. He has worked with video games, films, and now with music. He helped to brand the entire SUNDARA festival and does work for many artists on the Foreign Family Collective, including ODESZA.

Festival Squad: How does it feel to be a part of the first ever Foreign Family Collective festival?

Victor Mosquera: It’s amazing. It’s literally like a dream come true.

Festival Squad: When did you find out about it?

Victor Mosquera: Last year when they started to plan the whole thing. Harrison came to me and said “Hey man we have something big planned out, it’s like a festival thing.” So he told me like the basic stuff and told me he wanted me to take care of the branding of the whole thing. It was like a no brainer, “Let’s do it dude.”

Festival Squad: So how did you hook up with them in the first place? I know you started off and weren’t working with them and now you’re commissioned by them as well as, I saw recently, Selena Gomez. You’re moving up, how did that all happen?

Victor Mosquera: Working hard, dude. The foreign family ODESZA thing happened because Harrison found me online and told me he was a fan of my work and I responded, “Dude are you kidding me? Like I LOVE ODESZA so much”. We started talking and I suggested we do something together and we started doing a few posters for events and the online store. We clicked so well that we ended up doing the festivals and the shows for ODESZA… a few things here and there. So everything just started just by me and Harrison talking online and being like “I’m a fan of your work, you’re a fan of mine, let’s do something together.”

Festival Squad: Prior to that would you say that you had worked with any artists that were bigger than them or was that your first big look?

Victor Mosquera: I was working for The Dirty Heads before.

Festival Squad: The Dirty Heads are amazing!

Victor Mosquera: Yeah I love them. They are the nicest guys ever, I love those guys.

Festival Squad: Their music is so inspiring!

Victor Mosquera: I know, I love those guys they are like the nicest people in the world. I was doing a few things here and there but this, Sundara, is my favorite thing. The team is amazing, I’m a huge fan of ODESZA, a huge fan of most of the Foreign Family guys, even the new releases. So it was a perfect match, I was 100% so down.

Festival Squad: No brainer! Amazing. So now you’re moving up, working with people like Selena Gomez, Benny Blanco, and people like that. How does it feel to be moving up so quickly in your success?

Victor Mosquera: Well you know what’s weird? It is quick but I’ve been doing this thing for like 10 years. You know what I mean? To me now is the time, it’s working really well, but I’ve been working, not on music, but I’ve been working in video games and movies and that kind of stuff for like 10 years.

Festival Squad: That’s interesting. So what kind of video games and movies did you work on?

Victor Mosquera: I used to work in a company called Ubisoft for like 5 years. So I did like Fall Cry, Battlefield, all that kind of stuff.

Festival Squad: Wow! Your art does have a video game style to it. 

Victor Mosquera: Yeah that’s like my background even though I don’t play games like at all. Like, nothing at all.

Festival Squad: Me either!

Victor Mosquera: There you go. But that’s why I’m super happy here because I am a huge fan of music, I used to play music myself years ago.

Festival Squad: What instruments?

Victor Mosquera: Guitar.

Festival Squad: Nice! Would you ever be a musician again?

Victor Mosquera: I hope so! I would love to.

Festival Squad: Yeah? Get on ODESZA’s tracks, what are you doing?!

Victor Mosquera: I would love to do some music, but I’m way too busy right now, this is taking my main focus. So I’m trying to focus on this right now, but I do mess around on Ableton and stuff like that. I love it. This is a way better fit for me because I don’t play games, I like movies, but my main source of inspiration is working with music. So with these guys, it’s a perfect match.

Festival Squad: Would you say you’d like to continue working with music or do you think you’ll move into other areas?

Victor Mosquera: No, I’m super happy where I am. I actually want to do bigger stuff with music. I want to keep doing stuff with musicians and do big stuff like these festivals. 

Festival Squad: I was talking to my friends about how your art is so unique. When people decide to work with you they decide to speak in your language. You really have more influence as a visual artist than all of the artists you work with combined because you’re hitting all of their audiences.

Victor Mosquera: Yeah I feel like that happens with visual stuff. When it comes to music it’s way deeper than visual stuff but visual stuff is more immediate. Like with social media or a poster for a musician you’ll see it then go see a show. I think it depends, I don’t think I have more of an impact or anything.

Festival Squad: Of course you’re humble. But, it’s true that your artwork resonates with so many people versus multiple genres of music. Sometimes a visual is more gravitating than sound.

Victor Mosquera: Well you know what I think it is? Music is very categorized. By default you either like hip hop, rock, trap, jazz, and etc. So from the get go you’re defining one thing right away. Whereas with visual stuff it is all up to interpretation and every person has their own meaning connecting with the piece in different ways in a way it is more open. It depends on the person and the audience.

Festival Squad: Do you think you’ll stick with this style of art?

Victor Mosquera: I don’t think so. If you see my stuff 5 years ago it looks nothing like this.

Festival Squad: Oh wow, I have only seen your Instagram portfolio.

Victor Mosquera: I actually deleted everything (for brand consistency). I might do this kind of stuff but I always like to keep pushing and I will do some animation stuff and photography. You have to keep pushing the boundaries, keep evolving, and improving. But this is my base language to build on.

Festival Squad: Are you working with any other visual artists right now on collaborative pieces?

Victor Mosquera: All the time! I’m here with one actually. Luckily I have a really good group of friends that also make art, that’s also how you grow. You can learn tools, techniques, points of view, business, and more. Collaborating with like minded, talented, people is how to stay inspired.

Festival Squad: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Victor Mosquera: Oh man… hopefully alive! I have a few plans: Release books, short films, do bigger stuff with Foreign Family hopefully, just growing and working hard and maybe some music too!

Victor was such a joy to speak with. His enthusiasm and positivity radiated throughout the entire conversation. His art has always inspired me so much! It’s always great to meet the creator of the things that you love and find out that they are just as inspiring as you hoped they would be. I’m really excited to see what Victor does next with the Foreign Family and all of the other artists that he works with. If you don’t follow him yet check out @victormosquera and of course @sundarafest. I’m looking forward to seeing the surprises Sundara has in store for us next year and the branding that Victor comes up with! 

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