Who Be the King of the Sound 2019?

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Bassnectar kicked off his 2019 ride by debuting his first international curated event in Mexico: Deja Voom. Having first hand experiencing this highly anticipated event, the festival was more than perfect. Service was immaculate from welcoming smiles to having countless Miami Vises at your convenience during the festival sets. International travels did not hold back Bassnectar and the team’s productions levels — surpassing themselves once again with breathtaking lights and lasers. Kyle Pace, Bassnectar’s prestigious Audio Engineer, blew away the crowd with crystal clear sound and ground-rattling bass. Even during sound checks, you could feel your room erupting! Overall, we are eager to see how Deja Voom 2020 plans out.

Deja Voom Highlights

Love Here > Empathy > Skin on the Drum
ET Finger > new Peekaboo collab
Caspa – Deja Vu

With that being said, can we reflect on how he started off 2018 with the monumental, “Hi, My Name is Basshead,” opener at Okeechobee? Here’s a little reminder…

Hi, My Name is Basshead
Okeechobee 2018

Clearly, Bassnectar has no intention of slowing down. We already have plenty of options to catch his unique sets this year including a set each weekend at the over-the-top Coachella festival and yet another appearance at Camp Bisco; a 3-day festival in Scranton, PA. However, his curated events can arguably be worth catching if you’re trying to prioritize how you chase the bass. Freestyle Sessions is Bassnectar’s summer curated event held at First Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado for the third year in a row. This event, in particular, is where you can catch his more experimental sets with each night encompassing a different theme: Freestyle, Dreamtempo, and Wildstyle. Act fast, because 3-day and Saturday passes are sold out, with Friday and Sunday to quickly follow!

Photo by @divisuals

2019 Predictions

2018 was a phenomenal year for Bassheads. Bassnectar expanded his discography evenly throughout his festival and curated event sets. After a mind-blowing performance for the return of NYE 360 ringing in the new year, we are without a doubt already on our way for another iconic year. Reflective 4, a multi-part EP stocked with remixes and collabs with other talented artists, was just partially released on Friday, March 29th. After Lorin released the tracklist this past Wednesday, we were able to see that there are two solo tracks: what we’ve all been waiting for! An official announcement for Bassnectar’s Fall Gathering Basscenter can be expected during the summer season, so start putting money aside because this is another event known to sell out quick! Along with this, Silver Wrapper announced their last event ever, leaving us to wonder what will become of Hulaween: a Halloween seasoned festival Bassnectar has attended in the past. Can we be hopeful for a Halloween themed Bassnectar set? Or even an event?

The possibilities of Bassnectar’s performances are endless, and of course, his dedicated fanbase is sure to be supportive. Either way, “You know You Love it!

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