Dear Diary, From First to Last is Crashing BUKU Late

Cover photo taken from the official Facebook of From First to Last

BUKU Music + Art Project in New Orleans has been a grassroots endeavor since its inauguration – the festival is constantly reinventing itself year after year and magnetizing different genres and elements of entertainment. This year, performances span from Lana del Rey to Skrillex.

Note to self: Skrillex has a post-hardcore past life.

Sonny Moore, otherwise known as Skrillex, will be taking a tiny stage with his alma mater, From First to Last, at BUKU’s latest after-party addition. Emo Nite LA is another unexpected event gravitating to this artistic field – the New Orleans event on Friday, March 22nd has been named “BUKU Late” now that one of the festival’s most anticipated acts is set to play at Republic NOLA, an antique-chic venue that fits roughly 900 people.

If you’ve never been to a stop on the traveling Emo Nite LA tour, it’s not hard to imagine the scene. Nostalgia shows up to smudge some eyeliner, buckle into a studded belt, and drag all the former emo kids out of hiding for a night to scream along to a DJ set of early 2000s classics with their long-lost friends.

This time around, the crowd will absolutely lose it. From First to Last is going to make the chandeliers shake in the Republic’s ballroom with the songs that broke your heart circa 2004. Dear Diary, my teen angst is showing! In the small crowd, you’ll be sure to find every kind of person: the emo and hardcore veterans, dying for another of the good ‘ol days, the FFTL groupies-turned-bassheads, and the Skrillex lovers who are pining to be this close to Sonny Moore.

Sonny’s last reunion with FFTL was at another Emo Nite LA date back in 2017 after the band dropped a surprise single, “Make War.” Can we make this a regular thing? The emo and pop-punk reunion tours have been piling up over the last few years like heaps of laundry, but this specially announced one-time event is something you’ll never see anywhere else. And that is punk rock.

Tickets to “BUKU Late” Emo Nite LA with From First to Last are all sold out. BUKU, however, isn’t. If you can’t catch Sonny on the stage belting out, “Emily,” you can check out the festival Saturday night with Dog Blood (Skrillex x Boyz Noize) and get down on the Mississippi River.

Find your way down to New Orleans…because there’s no one in the world like Sonny! Get your tickets to BUKU here!

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