The Glitch Mob: Whiplash Worthy

Get Lifted with The Levitation Tour

Cover Photo by Merc Photography

Photo by Merc Photography

That’s correct: I’m currently icing my neck and back after giving myself whiplash from going to The Glitch Mob’s Levitation Tour. My chiropractor has officially placed me on a strict “headbanging ban”; You’ve been warned.

The only other time I’ve seen The Glitch Mob (TGM) was at Electric Forest (Weekend 1, 2018) and they were ultimately my favorite set of the weekend.  It was my first time seeing them perform after being a fan since 2014 (we were like ships in the night, with me somehow never being at the same festival as them). At Forest they played all of their songs in their purest form and didn’t really remix/mashup anything outside of their catalog, which was perfect for my first show. I was absolutely blown away, but the reality of seeing them as headliners at a larger festival was not feeling as connected to them as I would have liked.

Photo by Merc Photography

Enter The Levitation Tour

Little did I know I would get the chance to see them at a tiny nightclub in Portland, OR called 45 East. They specifically played intimate venues to give you, the fans, an unforgettable experience and unique connection. And boy, did they deliver. The venue was a perfect size and basically felt like a house party, headlined by world-class musicians who also happen to headline the baddest festivals. The energy in the air was palpable, as die-hard fans awaited the guys to take the stage.

The Blade sat this tour out and instead we got remixes and mashups that we normally don’t hear. This tour promised unreleased tracks, samples from other artists and an all-around different show than usual. TGM 150% delivered on this promise and exceeded my [somewhat high] expectations—again.

The Bangers

TGM never let us catch our breath once but kept hitting us with banger after banger. The crowd kept up with their relentless pace and I’ve never felt so much electricity exuded during a show. 

About 20 mins in, a guy next to me looked at me and said,  “I could do this all night!” and I couldn’t have agreed more.

A few minutes into the show, my dreams came true: they dropped “Our Demons”. This beast of a song probably caused my whiplash (worth it), because with that beat, how can you NOT? It’s literally begging you to whip your hair back and forth. All of their tracks had this raw, intense, grimy and almost industrial sound that I couldn’t get enough of. My only complaint about this show was it was only 90 minutes and not 6 hours long….but I digress. The photos for the event came out a few days ago and I can be seen making a very attractive ‘bass face’ in a few of them, which seems about right. Going into this, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I came out beyond thrilled.

Photo by Merc Photography

There were many unknown IDs that I didn’t recognize, but would love for the guys to release them.  They played too many epic songs to list here, but a few of my favorites include:

  • “Mind of a Beast”
  • “Crawl Outta Love” (The Glitch Mob Remix) – Illenium
  • “Fly By Night”
  • “TNGHT-Goooo” > “Our Demons”
  • “Skullclub”
  • “Lose It” (Golden Features Remix) -Flume ft. Vic Mensa
  • “Drive It Like You Stole It” [Can I get an AMEN?]
  • “Skytoucher”
  • “Fortune Days”
  • “We Can Make the World Stop” x “Hideaway” by Kiesza
  • “Faded” – Zhu
  • “I Need My Memory Back” x “Around the World” –Daft Punk (YAS QUEEN)
Photo by Merc Photography


Lucky for you, Night Owl Radio just released ep. 179 and features The Glitch Mob and many of their re-imagined songs. I was thrilled to hear the same incredible mashups so I can share them with you all! TGM begins at 1:12:00. Check them out below.

The Verdict

This is by and far one of my favorite shows I’ve seen in a while and I give it a 12/10. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew The Glitch Mob would bring the heat and deliver an epic show, which they did. The Levitation Tour is still on the move, so be sure to catch ’em in a city near you! TGM held to their promise to give us a very different experience than usual, so please don’t miss your chance to basically get a front row seat for this incredible show. Be sure to line your chiropractor up for the following morning’s aftermath as well (still soooo worth it).

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