Morflo Records Presents: “Alchemy” An Underground Bass Compilation

After a year of consistent releases, MorFlo Records, a Denver based collective, debuted its first collaborative body of work. “Alchemy” is a 22 track compilation composed by 26 artists. Alchemy Compilation features tracks from Mystic Grizzly, mlotik, sfam, Mersiv, Wriza X Clefto, Opalyte, FiYah, Kyral X Banko, Fryar, Knat Turner, Patches O’Malley, Angelic Root, Dapolitiks, Unexotic, Brightside x Akamu, Calvin Hobbes, Sather, dream pusha, G-Space GrymeTyme, Odd Zoo, and VibeSquaD. The unique combination of musicians from every corner of the US creates a diverse yet collective sound across the entire compilation. 

This underground release by a cooperative of community members has a true air of authenticity. The 90-minute experience showcases an elevation of flow by blending various forms of bass music from lo-fi to trap to everything in between. It captures MorFlo’s intention as a record label. According to them, it is:  

Representing and catalyzing the flow of underground bass music producers throughout the Universe; manifesting magic through the transformation of raw materials, thoughts, energies, and emotions.

MorFlo Records operates in conjunction with ForMo (Forward Momentum) Productions who are host to a music festival in Michigan called MorFlo Festival. The group has been providing momentum to artists across the United States for the past four years and even hosted a year-long residency at the Black Box in Denver.

A portion of proceeds from both MorFlo and ForMo go towards the nonprofit organization they created called Boredom Fighters. The group focuses on inspiring the flow in the next generation of creators by activating music education in schools and youth summer camps. 

The collective can be seen on tour March 16 in Flint, MI at Vehicle City Social or on March 28 in Denver, CO at Temple Nightclub. You can support the release and find other listening platforms here.

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