Meteor Rides on Liquid Stranger’s Infinity Tour

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Martin Stääf, otherwise known as Liquid Stranger, has announced his Infinity Tour that is hitting the US this winter with opening artists LSDREAM, Champagne Drip, G-Rex, and Lucii. Along with the tour, he is releasing INFINITY, an all new original LP on January 18, 2019, 6 days before this tour kicks off in Northampton, Massachusetts.

On November 2, Liquid Stranger released his Polarity EP. Some features on the EP include Shlump, BLEEP BLOOP, and Freddy Todd. Along with Polarity, Liquid Stranger also has 12 other albums that date back to 2007. Take a listen to Polarity below!

Not only has Martin Stääf been producing and DJing for quite some time, he also represents a record label called Wakaan, working alongside with Space Jesus. The record label includes other artists such as EAZYBAKED, Esseks, and Conrank. Each artist has their own unique sound that all falls into the category of experimental bass and dubstep. This is the kind of music that I love to hear at a festival late at night with your friends! With the Infinity Tour approaching, Denver is blessed to have a two night run in February that includes the only downtempo set of the tour!

Below are a few of my favorite songs:

The Arcane Terrain (2011)
Mechanoid Meltdown (2011)
Minds Rising Remixed (2018)

After catching Liquid Stranger at Summer Camp Music Festival this year, I am excited to see him on this upcoming tour with some new tracks from all the Wakaan artists as well as the new songs off his INFINITY LP! Prepare yourselves, Liquid Stranger is going to melt your face off in a city near you!

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