Deathpact Drops Grimey ODESZA Remix

Photo taken from Deathpact’s Soundcloud

As electronic music has continued to evolve and expand, a heavier, bass-centric sound. Artists like REZZ, RL Grime, and 1788-L, have all experimented with or progressed the bass-heavy genre. This new genre has also given an outlet for up and coming producers to make their mark.

ODESZA is generally never associated with bass-heavy tracks, but up and coming artist Deathpact saw a unique opportunity with ODESZA’s latest single, LOYAL. LOYAL is considered one of ODESZA’s hardest tracks, as they generally air towards a more ambient relaxed tone. LOYAL was their ending song throughout the In Return Tour, and added a new layer to the live set.


Deathpact takes it one step further, capitalizing on the ominous tones in the track. His track builds up using a slower tempo across the track,  once the lead in is over, Deathpact combines a rising arpeggio with variations and build up through the drum pattern. Then he finally hits the listener with the filthiest drop imaginable. 

Deathpact has certainly come out of the woodwork with this track. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with next. 

ODESZA just released the Deluxe version of A Moment Apart which includes two more studio versions of their live tracks. Memories That You Call (ft. Monsoonsiren) – ODESZA & Golden Features VIP Remix, and It’s Only (ft. Zyra) ODESZA VIP Remix. Both tracks are significantly more upbeat than any tracks ODESZA has released previously. 

With these three songs, getting a fill of chill or hard ODESZA tracks is not an issue. Listen to Deathpact’s track below. 

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