[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Saweetie Discusses Rise to Stardom, Upcoming EP, Quavo +MORE!

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Written by Abel Longoria

Saweetie is literally and figuratively one of the hottest rappers in the game right now. Since becoming a viral YouTube sensation last October with her hit song “Icy Girl,” she has been signed by Warner Brothers Records, worked with big-name artists like G-Eazy and Rich Da Kid, and featured in Rolling Stone. All this with only one major label EP release in March 2018 called High Maintenance. With that being said, this is only the beginning of what will be an illustrious career. She was saweet enough to chat with us after her set at Mala Luna Music Festival this past weekend. We talked about about her rise to stardom, festival experiences, outfit selection, and her upcoming EP called Icy. Here it is below:

Festival Squad: Thank you for sitting down with us! We know you’ve got a ton going on right now, so we appreciate the time.

Saweetie: Of course, happy to be here.

FS: So, how was your set?

S: It was cool. I literally got here and went straight on stage. That’s always a little overwhelming when you don’t have time to prepare like you want, but I was still excited. I’m always excited to perform.

FS: I saw you had a show two nights ago, it looked like it was poppin.

S: Yes it was. Definitely the biggest show I’ve played so far. It was at Oracle Arena, which is in an area I spent a lot of time growing up, so it was a real nice moment for me.

FS: Wow, congratulations! You have absolutely blown up this year! How do you feel about all the success that has come your way since you released “Icy Girl?”

S: It’s a little overwhelming sometimes. I feel like things jump around a lot and I feel different every time I’m out. I still feel like a normal regular person, so when people start going crazy or they run up to me, they’ll start recording me and I’m like, “okay what are you doing….?”

FS: They don’t just yell and say “Yo Icy Girl. What’s Up?”

S: No, they like to come up to me. Everyone takes out their phones and starts taking pictures or recording.

FS: I guess you could consider that a compliment.

S: We can say that.

FS: So, you are working on a new EP that was set to come out in November, Icy? Tell us about that.

S: Yes. We’re working on a new EP. We have so many people collabing with us and there are so many great song opportunities. I’m not sure what songs I want to put on there so we are going to be a bit more patient about the release. I want to focus on perfecting the craft, and making sure it’s perfect so we’re actually going to postpone it for next year. It’s always gotta be about the quality.

FS: Good for you! You can’t rush quality. Are you going to put “Up Now” on it?

S: I’m not sure yet. We’ll see if it fits with everything else. I want it to be a body of work and not just a bunch of random songs put together.

FS: I love when artists go next level like that. Well, on “Up Now” I know that you had London on Da Track help produce it, and he brought in G-Eazy and Rich Da Kid to feature on it for you. What was it like to hear that they were going to be on your song?

S: It was exciting to know that two guys who are very poppin’ right now, two platinum boys to hop on my record; I felt very honored. It was surreal when I first heard about it.

FS: What was it like working with London?

S: He’s very creative. He’s very focused. And he’s like my brother to me. He’s very lovable, so positive, and he’s been supporting me even before “Icy Girl” popped off.

FS: Awesome. So, here at Festival Squad we’re all about music festivals. We’ve seen that you’ve been able to play quite a few this year! How has your experience been at festivals so far?

S: It’s different. Whenever I perform at venues that aren’t tailored to me, it’s always a little nerve-wracking because I don’t know if they know me. But every time I go out there, I always get comfortable after the first few songs. Once everyone sings my lyrics with me I get comfortable on stage.

FS: Do you have a dream music festival you’d like to play?

S: I’d like to perform the main stage at Coachella. If I could pick one fest that would be it because that’s where the biggest artists in the world perform and it’s also in my home state.

FS: I’ve seen some of your different outfits at each festival, and it almost seems like you dress to the crowd a little bit. That cowboy hat played today.

S: Yeah, I try to. I feel like every event is an opportunity for me to express myself, but at the same time pay homage to the city I’m in. It’s fun, it’s exciting to be able to touch up my outfits a little more. I love dressing up. I love putting on a fly, cute, theatrical outfit.

FS: Yes, girl! So last question, we gotta ask! What is up with you and Quavo? Are you ready to put it on the record?

S: What do you think?

FS: I think you two look good together.

S: Oh, you think we look good together, huh?

FS: I do, yeah.

S: I’ll let him know that.

FS: Oh look at you! Tell him hi for us!

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