A Guide to EDC Orlando

photos from Corona Electric Beach

EDC Orlando was filled with love, wubs, dancing, and fun. Insomniac always seems to improve year after year, even when you don’t think there’s even room for more. A stacked lineup, several different stages, thrilling rides, and great people all contributed to the perfect weekend.

Quick Tips

  • -EDC had free water stations! Next time, bring a hydration pack to save money and the environment by avoiding plastic bottles. 
  • -There’s no camping at EDC Orlando. But luckily you’re in a tourist TRAP and there are a million and one hotels nearby. We highly suggest checking out HomeBass for next year to get the most out of your weekend. 
  • -Get there early and adventure around a little bit! EDC has so much more to offer than bass. Go on some rides. Try the zipline. Take a rest by the lake! Browse around the different vendors. Endless things to do.

VIP or No?

So I almost don’t want to spoil the surprises that one might find inside of VIP; but, if a hookah lounge, special treatment, nice bathrooms, kandi stations, and great views of the stages sounds like your cup of tea, then save those coins and splurge next year.

The Music

Insomniac always works really hard to book some of the biggest and some of the best names in the EDM world. Any place that has Alison Wonderland, Illenium, Dillion Francis, Alesso, Bassnectar, Tiesto, and Martin Garrix all at once is a place I want to be at. Every set I caught throughout the weekend was incredible, and even some of the smaller names gave the best shows I’ve ever seen. Keep an eye out for our interview with Egzod who played the Boombox Cartel!

Favorite Moments from EDC Orlando 2018

Last but not least, we all have those little moments that make a festival that much better. As hard as it was to narrow it down, here are my top three favorite moments from EDC Orlando 2018. 

Space Jesus and his Lasers

Space Jesus was who I was most excited to see this weekend. I’m already huge fan of his, but his set at EDC Orlando just completely blew me away. Just take a look at the lasers starting at 27:53. Favorite set from the weekend.

This Totem

Picture taken from The Festival Family Facebook page

This totem gave me a good chuckle every time I passed by it throughout the weekend. Shoutout to the owner of it, and shoutout to The Festival Family Facebook group for documenting it. 

Corona Electric Beach

This is always one of my favorite parts of EDC Orlando, but Electric Beach this year was even better. Featuring the winner of “Battle for the Beach,” Nitti Gritti, Lauren Lane, and even Kayzo (who moved his set from the main stage to the Corona Electric Beach after a little fire incident), Corona Electric Beach was most definitely where you wanted to be during EDC weekend.

All in all, EDC Orlando 2018 was an absolute blast. Thankful for all of the music and the people who made it so fun. We will see you next year for EDC Orlando 2019!

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