Sold out Strawberry Fields Is about to Kick off the Summer down Under

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Written by: Olivia Poglianich

The best bush doof of the year and one of the best festivals in the world according to Resident Advisor has officially sold out of tickets for its 10-year anniversary. Strawberry Fields, which sits on the border of two Australian states, New South Wales and Victoria, kicks off their decade-long forest rave this November 16-18th.

The lineup brings together nearly 100 artists from all over the world, including homegrown local talents like Paul Gorrie and international sensations such as Chicago’s own Honey Dijon. The festival’s broad range of stardom will unite electronic superstars from European powerhouse cities including Berlin and Amsterdam, plus the underground Melbourne scene and Japanese talent too.

Of course, fans are extremely excited about the music at wildlands, but Strawberry offers even more to festivalgoers. From visual arts to activities on site, there’s plenty to do in the wildlands. Not to mention it’s set on a river that you can lounge around or swim in for a nice cool dip in between sets.

They’ve announced this year’s visual artists, which will include an array of comfortable hammocks in a chill space, colorful lights displays, and immersive sensory environments. Below are a few teasers of the artwork style that Strawberry attendees have to look forward to.

One of the best parts about Strawberry Fields is how much this festival cares for the environment. They do a lot to help restoration after a big event and share a lot of information about how you can be a more eco-conscious festival goer. They encourage guests to try their best to protect the natural beauty of the festival grounds, making special note of the fact that the site sits on sacred Aboriginal lands.

Last year, they partnered with an organisation called Treecreds, which enabled them to offset the cost of transportation to and from the festival. They were able to purchase carbon credits for the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Program and negated the environmental impact of 97% of the vehicle emissions from last year’s Strawberry attendees. That’s huge! And this year they hope to reach 100%.

If you’re wondering how you can help them achieve that goal, you can look into carpooling options, taking the Strawberry Shuttle Bus, or even organising a giant coach bus for you and your friends.

If you were one of the lucky ones who was able to secure a ticket, check out their preparation guides below and get ready to rave!

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