5 Albums You Should Listen to Before Treasure Island Music Festival

Photo Credit: Charlie Homo at 2012 Treasure Island

Treasure Island Music Festival is only two weeks away and the set times are out! Luckily, you won’t have to choose between artists because Treasure Island doesn’t have any overlapping set times. But, you will want to get there early so you don’t miss some of the talented artists performing earlier in the day like serpentwithfeet, Polo & Pan, and Moses Sumney—who have all released new music this year.  



2018 has been a big year for many of the performing artists at Treasure Island Music Festival. 17 of the 24 artists have released albums or new music this year, which means fans will get to hear a lot of new music! If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to take the time to listen to some of these new albums so that you can sing along to more of their songs.

Here are five albums I highly recommend you listen to before Treasure Island Music Festival:

Santigold “I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions”

I’ve been listening to this album on repeat! If you’re in a bad mood, throw this baby on. You’ll smile, you’ll dance, and you’ll forget your problems for a little bit. It’s poppy and upbeat and full of dancehall sound. Santigold has created magic with this album! Check out the full album below:

Lord Huron “Vide Noir”

Vide Nore is a completely different vibe from Santigold’s album. Lord Huron’s newest album is pensive, melancholy, folky, and perfect for listening to when you want to embrace that weird funk you’re in and don’t know why. Take a long drive or long meandering walk and zone into this album:

serpentwithfeet  “soil”

serpentwithfeet (born Josiah Wise) grew up singing in a choir and has a hauntingly beautiful voice. “soil” is a deeply emotional album about love—it’s intimacy, ecstasy, and the devastation of losing it. If you’ve ever been in love and experienced heartbreak, you’ll relate. Pour a glass of wine, turn on this album, immerse yourself in the music, and don’t be afraid to let tears stream down your face.

Polo & Pan “Caravelle”

Polo & Pan released their first album “Caravelle” and it has a soft, electronic-pop sound that’s sexy, spacey, and airy. It has a unique mix of South American and French sounds. This album is perfect for swaying with your eyes closed and hands in the air, preferably outside on a sunny day.  

Moses Sumney “Black in Deep Red, 2014”

Moses Sumney’s newest EP, “Black in Deep Red, 2014,” deals with the themes of racism, the militarization of the American police force, and the experience of protesting it all. “Rank & File” was inspired by Sumney’s experience protesting when there was no indictment for the police officer who killed Michael Brown in 2014.

In an interview with FACT magazine, Sumney said that he wrote “Rank and File” years ago but didn’t want to release it on its own, so he made a small concept EP to support it. In talking about this EP, he said:

“I was very purposeful in the way that I talked about it — calling it Black in Deep Red, 2014 and writing the statement about when I wrote the song because I didn’t want it to be contextualized as protesting the current administration. I didn’t want it to be turned into a very specific anti-45 thing, which is the thing right now. I was more interested in a complex narrative and saying, ‘Hey, I know things are really bad right now, but we can’t pretend that everything before now was great and we need to talk about government in a more holistic way when we’re critiquing it.’ Taking a song about police brutality from 2014 emphasizes that it was a problem then, it’s a problem now, it was a problem 10 years ago and it was a problem 20 years ago. If we only focus on right now, we’re not going to be able to create solutions that last beyond now.”

If you want to feel inspired and ready to take action, check out the full EP below:


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