Zhu’s Album Release; Step into Ringos Desert

Photo Taken From Billboard.com

Feel the heat on your skin and the goosebumps rise while you endure in the beautiful and unique melodies of Zhu’s newest full album release, Ringos Desert. This 14-song track list includes songs you may have already heard like My Life and Desert Woman, which are actually from Ringos Desert Pt. 1 that was released a few months ago.

His attention to detail, distinct sound that’s sexy, mystical and emotional creates a sound like no other. Each song has similar qualities, but its own unique story to tell. Zhu’s comforting vocals take over a few tracks and include that jazzy, techno, romantic and artistic tone. When listening to this album, you can’t help but want to grab that person that makes you feel a ~certain way~ and dance the night away in a secret, mysterious place.

Zhu has this mysterious sense to him, which is why his music can speak to each and everyone one of us. We all have a mysterious side to us and listening to his music can help you captivate that side of yourself. He recently had a special, intimate and magical BLACKLIZT MOJAVE DJ set in Joshua Tree, CA only allowing 100 fans to attend with the one rule that you must wear all black. If you were able to attend that set, we are jealous of you. If you are like me and were unable to attend, enjoy your FOMO below:

A few of my favorite tracks from the full Ringos Desert album are My Life, Coming Home Feat. Majid Jordan, Waters of Monaco and Light It Up feat. TOKiMONSTA. I will also be enjoying his new album live, next Friday, September 14th at the Shrine Hall in Los Angeles, CA.

Need a ticket to one of his show(s)? Head to his website to see his tour dates and locations.


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