Seven Lions & The Journey II Tour Premier New Sounds with Heightened Emotions

written by Tiffany Moya

photos taken from The Seven Lions Official Facebook Page

Jeff Montalvo, professionally known as Seven Lions, has cultivated a cult-like following these past few years. With the continuous production of transformative tracks that defy genre borders, his sound incorporates melodic dubstep, deep house, and heavy bass all while seamlessly featuring somber vocals from artist Fiora.

Jeff has been brewing up some serious heat in the studio, and following the announcement of his Fall tour The Journey II, a continuation of his 2016 tour, many fans correctly anticipated the release of new music. Jeff’s focus and ability to blend different electronic music genres is especially prevalent in his latest EP, Start Again, and is a true testament of his musical genius and individuality.

One of Jeff’s talents is his ability to evoke raw emotion and passion through sound.  Known for bringing his fans to tears, the first released track of Start Again, “Let Go”, does not disappoint. The track explores a new side of Jeff’s sound and is loaded with impassioned lyrics that are sure to have many pulling out the tissues. Beginning with the melancholic melody of Fiora’s vocals, the EP moves one through a transformative and progressive journey of self-discovery; ultimately, closing with the sublime sounds and positive energy of “Dreamin”. This refreshing end concludes the EP on a fulfilling note, complimenting the heaviness of prior tracks.

The Journey II tour will start in the City of Angels on September 29th and will continue on to perform at 42 confirmed shows across North America. Playing at large venues like the Hollywood Palladium to smaller venues such as the iconic punk rock club, The Catalyst, in Santa Cruz, CA, this tour is bound to deliver heart wrenching drops to fans all over.

Check now to see if Journey II will be visiting a city near you and secure your ticket today!

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