5 Reasons We Adore Dirtybird Campout

photos by Daniel Zetterstrom

“Imagine a summer camp for adults. A vacation from the daily grind, where you can transport yourself back to the most carefree days of your childhood. There’s games & sports. Swimming. Arts & crafts. Lifelong friends. Cool counselors. Endless opportunity to explore, good vibes all around, and not a worry in the world. Now, paint that place onto a canvas of incredible music, magical art, vibrant culture, and creativity that suspends reality & transcends the boundaries of imagination”

Newsflash– you don’t have to imagine anymore!

It’s almost time, CAMPERS…

Dirtybird Campout is set to return this October 5th-7th, 2018 to a brand new venue, just outside of Yosemite National Park of CA. The reasons why we, at Festival Squad, adore this festival are just about infinite in nature. But if we had to choose, here are five reasons why Campout is a shindig you don’t wanna miss:

The artists are fully integrated into the festival

Imagine playing tug-of-war with one of your favorite artists, only to see them on stage just a few hours later. That’s Dirtybird for you, the artists are as much a part of the festival as you are. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know who you’ll run into on the dancefloor in these parts.

It keeps the summer festival vibes going

The best part of West Coast livin’ is that festivals don’t have a season- they are all year long. Campout is the perfect home away from home for those trying to get away from dropping temperatures in their home state. With this being said, still be sure to bring warm clothes as night- time is a whole different battle.

The lineup of activities will rebirth your inner child

With a festival name like that, you best be ready to explore activities you may have not heard of in years. We’re talking dodgeball, tug-of-war, 3-legged races, bingo, fireside storytelling, Simon says, and even scavenger hunts! Get to know your teammates, hug freely, and create relationships that are bound to last for ages…

The new location means a new realm of possibilities

If you’ve been Campout before, bring what you know but expect the unexpected. 2018 is going to a whole new ballgame. With the new location at the Modesto Reservoir Campground, campers are able to up their experience with brand-new activities. The beautiful lake will host floatie races and swimming, but make sure to also pack your hiking shoes, as your counselors will be hosting NATURE HIKES over the course of the weekend.

The tunes will keep you movin’ and groovin’ ALL WEEKEND LONG

House music is a drug of its own, keeping energies high in just about any environment. With such an amazing event lined up outside of the music, it will be an otherworldly experience to dive into the artist itinerary each night. If you’ve never experienced a Dirtybird event, you’ll be caught up to speed real quick. But for now, let’s jam to this playlist as we dream of Campout:

See you in October, fellow Campers! Tickets still available HERE.

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