Same Same But Different Festival Brings the Funk to So Cal

Same Same But Different Festival is filling the large gap in Fall season fun in the Southern California desert.

Being a Southern California desert dweller often means that fun comes in a cyclical nature, bound largely to the confines of Palm Springs and Coachella Valley. Energy ramps up for Coachella and Splash House, and then tapers off until Joshua Tree Music Fest. After that, comes the dreaded and incurable quiet. This leaves those of us still feening for some stellar jams and community within the desert searching for answers- usually to no avail.

However, Same Same But Different has come to our rescue to make Fall 2018, well, different.

The first noticeable trait of this festival is- duh- the short, but sweet, lineup. While it is perfectly diverse, it has all of the funk that a soul could need. Lettuce, Boombox, and The Floozies-all 20 minutes from my house? Yes, please. And at a ticket price of $125 for the whole weekend, including camping, this festival is a steal. We all know how magical experiencing an event within its inaugural year is, and this is one that is bringing a whole new experience to So Cal.

Another gratifying quality of Same Same But Different that makes me nothing short of ecstatic to attend is the “Alternating stages” design. This means you will never have to miss a single act, or split up from your fest friends to enjoy music. It takes away any sort of “edge” that planning a festival weekend may have. No coordinating, no getting lost- just chillin’.

An integral part of this experience is the picturesque venue of Lake Perris: a desert oasis with sandy shores, a glistening lake, and lush grass. This venue is a gem that has been shown a lot of love as of lately; within the past year it has attracted One Love Festival, become the new venue of Desert Daze, and of course, landed the affection of SSBD. All for good reason, that can only be known once you get out there and experience this little secret that is only 90 minutes from Los Angeles or San Diego.

As you know, with funky festivals come funky vendors. Bear Fruit Designs, a new festival clothing vendor based out of Colorado will be a participating vendor at the inaugural Same Same But Different Festival. Dubbed as “an exploration of wearable and usable art, while finding tranquility and joy through creation,” Bear Fruit’s designs are eclectic, limited edition, and full of passion. He has recently been commissioned to create merchandise for Russ Liquid, with many other funky artist collaborations coming down the pipeline. Hint: expect to see his art on the merch tables of the greenest artist on the SSBD lineup.

With all of the funk that Same Same But Different promises to bring to Southern California, there is no doubt that this event will provide us all with what we were missing: an accessible and affordable musical community.

Tickets are available now, and the event commences on September 22nd. 

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