Feeling the Love at LOVELOUD

Photos by Danica Anne Nuestro (unless noted otherwise)


LOVELOUD has concluded it’s second annual festival over at the Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I have to say—it not only blew my expectations away, but also inspired me to spread love and positivity around every human being around me.

I flew into Utah the morning of and immediately went to the press conference they held at the stadium. At the stadium, LOVELOUD founder and Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds, Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara, Lance Lowry of LOVELOUD, Stephenie Larson of Encircle, Amit Paley of The Trevor Project and Ken McNeely of AT&T answered several Q&A’s regarding the purpose of the festival and the capabilities it has to change the community.


(L-R) Ken McNeely, Amit Paley, Tegan Quin, Dan Reynolds, Lance Lowry and Stephenie Larsen
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for LOVELOUD Festival


One notable Q&A that really stood out to me was why they chose Utah to set the foundation of this festival, and I couldn’t agree more with Reynolds as well: it’s the community that has made this festival a success. I had no idea what to expect when flying into Utah on my first solo trip on behalf of Festival Squad but within the 24 hours of being in an entirely new city, everyone that I met was completely hospitable, super friendly, and incredibly helpful—there was definitely a sense of community here, and I even believe the people working and attending LOVELOUD were more hospitable than any other festival I’ve ever attended.

One more notable moment that really hit home during this press conference was how they strive to make LOVELOUD a festival that provides a safe-space for every single attendee and every single person in the community. From the people I met at this event, I truly do believe that this was a safe place for them. No one was afraid to show who they really are—everyone was free to be themselves, and I had the privilege and honor of capturing these beautiful humans.

With that being said, here are some photos of LOVELOUD attendees showing their true colors and freely expressing themselves.


Glitter and Glam

Strike a Pose

United in Love


Colors Galore


Dedicated Fan Love

Flower Power

Even Grace Vanderwaal from America’s Got Talent accessorized for this event!
She’s such a cute & precious human being if I may add!

Lights Up in the Sky

True Colors


Again I would love to thank Festival Squad and LOVELOUD for giving me the opportunity to shine a light on an incredible festival and to be a part of history—the LOVELOUD foundation was able to raise over $1 million dollars, all to support organizations that help, understand, and support LGBTQ+ youth, friends, and families. For those who saw the live stream of this festival this past weekend and are interested in going I HIGHLY recommend; it may have been LOVELOUD’s second annual festival, but with how successful this past weekend was I truly believe that it’s capable of going to great heights in the future.


To learn more about what the LOVELOUD foundation does and what it’s about, check out their website here!
Lastly, here’s a friendly reminder that you are accepted, you are loved, and we are all equal.

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