Treat Yo Self: An Inside Look at Bonanza Campout’s VIP + Super VIP

photos by Jose Valdovinos for Festival Squad

VIP: three letters that translate into many meanings depending on the context. In Las Vegas, VIP means bottle service, champagne sparklers and a fancy table in a nightclub enclosing beautiful men and women. In the festival space, VIP typically means side viewing areas and an extra bar. For Bonanza Campout in Herber City, UT, it means your typical festival VIP set up and so much more. They even have two levels of festelebrity status: VIP and Super VIP. Whats the difference and why go VIP (or Super VIP) at Bonanza Campout?

A Closer Look at Bonanza Campout’s VIP

General Admission to a festival is no doubt the cheapest route to go. It gets you in to see multiple days of stellar music, time to explore the festival grounds, and it allows for your taste buds to explore what food options are onsite. If your wallet is crying from an expensive festival season, GA is the option for you. But, if you’ve got a little extra cash to spend, Bonanza Campout’s VIP is a great place to spend it. For just $50 (yes, only $50) more than a GA ticket, VIP will get you a handful of extras to make your festival experience feel more luxurious.

Bonanza Campout VIP comes with:

  • Expedited entry into the festival
  • Side viewing areas at both stages
  • Private bars in the viewing areas for easy access to drinks
  • Separate bathrooms
  • Bonanza Campout t-shirt of your choice from the merchandise store
  • Bonanza VIP lanyard complete with a laminated schedule

If you’re looking to hang with the older festival goers at Bonanza Campout or if you love the music but hate the crowds, VIP is definitely the route to go.


Bonanza Campout’s Super VIP

Bonanza Campout seems to be the only festival with the concept of “Super VIP” which is one level above VIP and just a step below what it would feel like to have an AAA (All Access Artist) wristband. If you’re in the market for a Super VIP band, there is no better way to attend Bonanza Campout. For only $155 more than GA tickets and only $100 more than VIP, you can get your rockstar lifestyle on.


On top of all the extras that come with VIP, Super VIP comes with:

  • Onsite food/beverage credit to any festival vendor that you like
  • Bonanza Campout Sweatshirt from the merchandise store (this is in addition to the T-Shirt you also receive. Also, totally necessary as Herber City gets cold at night!)
  • Additional viewing area to the left of the Bonanza (Main) Stage
  • Access to the Artist Lounge onsite
  • Side viewing/stage access

If you’re someone who likes the finer things in life, or if you simply want access to your favorite artists and to rub elbows with industry people, this is the right band for you. (And YES, the artists really did spend time with fans in the Artist Lounge. Hello, ‘grammable moments!).

Cabana errr… Cabin Bottle Service?

If you’re someone who considers themselves bad and boujee, you can get down with your bad self and book a table… inside of a cabin and get the best seats in the house at the main stage.

These series of cabins are just off the main stage, not to be mistaken with the cabins for sleeping. They are set up like small studios but perfect for you and your festie besties to reserve for an exceptional bottle service experience. Blending that Vegas VIP life with the upscale vibes of Park City, you can order your favorite liquor and mixers from these limited cabins.

Yes, these cabins come at a higher price tag (starting at $1500) but they come with:

  • A mix of single day tickets
  • Bottles of your favorite liquor + mixers
  • Your own private bathroom for use inside the cabin
  • A shower in case you need a ‘fit change
  • Futon (for sitting or a disco nap)
  • Table + chairs inside the cabin
  • AC for those 100+ degree days
  • A dedicated cocktail waitress
  • Private lockable storage.

All you have to do is decide what you want to drink and focus on your favorite bands playing, just feet from your mini porch. Talk about a festie life of luxury!

Get Yo’ Glamp On

GA Camping at Bonanza Campout is $125 for the weekend and split between a couple of friends you’re looking at about $42 per person that covers you all three days. GA campers have the option of staying in the regular camping area or they can take a mini hike to the top of the hill, past the infamous Pond Yacht stage (the camping in this area is pretty quiet and has the most unbelievable views). But, if you’re feeling like getting a little fancy or if you’re a 30+-year-old festival goer, there are other options so that you can get your ZZZZ’s on a little better.

  1. Creek Cabin/Jordanelle Cabins/Park Ave Cabins – These cabins start at $750 + taxes and fees and can fit 4-6 people depending on which option you choose and your bed choices. They come with private bathrooms, kitchens, and parking next to the cabin. If you’re someone that loves the late parties but needs those solid 9 hours of sleep to do it again on day two, this option is definitely for you. The only problem with these cabins is that they sell out quickly, so we suggest booking early!
  2. Bonanza Bungalows – Just steps from the Pond Yacht stage and near the back of GA camping lies a small village of white yurts, better known as Bonanza Bungalows. These bungalows are perfect for the squad that needs a little extra shelter and a little more shade. At just $400 + taxes and fees, you have the yurt to yourself for the weekend and have space to stand/stretch inside your mini home.

Should you go VIP at Bonanza? The better question, is why wouldn’t you?

Bonanza Campout is not perfect and it will experience growing pains like any other independently 3rd-year festival. But, Bonanza Campout certainly has mastered the concept of VIP. If you’re planning to hit Bonanza Campout in 2019 and want to treat yourself, be sure to snag a VIP or Super VIP ticket…. Or say YOLO and book that bottle service cabin. We promise you, its worth it.

See you in Herber City, UT in 2019!

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