Love, Ants, Playing on the Moon, and Political Division: An Interview With DREAMERS

photos taken from the Official Dreamers Facebook page

Nick Wold, Marc Nelson, and Jacob Lee Wick made up the “cosmic rock” trio known as, DREAMERS. With a strong sound, interesting music videos, and hilarious personalities, this group is one to keep your eye on. They absolutely rocked their first time on The Farm, and we had a chance to sit down with the guys right after their performance at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

photo by Dana Trippe Photography

Festival Squad: First off, Happy Roo! How’s your day going so far?

DREAMERS: Thank you! Happy Roo to you too. It’s going fantastic. We rolled in, did a whole bunch of interviews, then we did our show, and now it’s time for us to relax and soak up the vibes.

FS: Do you guys get to enjoy the rest of Bonnaroo, or are you off to the next show?

D: We do for a little bit. We have to fly out tomorrow, but we get the whole night so we’re very excited. It’s the first time we’ve ever been here. We’ve all played in bands for our whole lives, and none of us have ever been to Bonnaroo. So it’s a great bucket list thing we get to cross off.

FS: Awesome. So you guys just finished up your set, which was amazing by the way. Do you guys have any pre-show rituals? Ever get nervous?

D: Never nervous, but we do always hug each other. Every single show we always have to hug each other. We do individual hugs and then we do a big group hug. That kinda developed on its own. It’s just a thing. We believe in sharing the love. Music is all about sharing the love. We all become the hive mind. Like a colony of ants. On the mound of love. The more love the better.

FS: Just a bunch of love.

D: Love, love, love. A lot of love today. I don’t know if ants feel love, but I think ants probably love the queen. Or else they probably wouldn’t sacrifice themselves for her. They gotta have some sort of fondness for her.

FS: This is true. Some sort of feelings going on there. So how about when you guys get off the stage after a performance. What’s the first thing you guys do?

D: Just collapse on the ground in a puddle of sweat. And weep. Just in a puddle of tears, blood, and joy. And thank the Cosmos.

FS: Sounds about right.

D: With music, you just feel every feeling you’ve ever felt in the entire spectrum. Sometimes we’ll go to the restroom. We’ll tweet. We tend to tweet. Something like, “Just played a rad show.”

FS: Alright, your new song, “Screws.”

D: Yes.

FS: Can you guys walk me through the creative process for that track?

D: For sure. So, “Screws,” is the first song from this pile of new music we’ve been working on the past few years. Ever since our song, “Sweet Disaster,” came out, we’ve just been able to tour non-stop for two years. It’s been a crazy life, so our new music kinda takes this little deeper, crazier turn, I think. We wrote “Screws” all together. It’s a song about your mind falling apart at the screws. It’s about your mind going crazy in love. It’s kinda the first song in what became somewhat of a breakup album, and also somewhat of a touring, crazy life album. We’re just really happy that it’s out at last.

FS: Well, cool. You guys have an EP coming out soon I hear?

D: Yeah! So we’re gonna release our album in little chunks as it kinda tells a story. So we’re gonna release them in little episode-type, kinda chunks. The first one comes out Friday the 13th of July. It’s gonna have four songs. “Screws,” is one of those songs. And might I add that we just played “Screws,” for the first time live. Ever. Here at Bonnaroo. And people were singing the lyrics.

FS: That’s awesome. Gotta feel good.

D: It was a crazy feeling. Very Crazy. We just released it like two weeks ago.

FS: Good for you guys. You’re also heading out on tour soon, right?

D: Yep!

FS: What are you guys looking forward to the most about that?

D: We’re super excited because it’s kind of our first headline tour since we got this thing going. This last year, we’ve been opening up for awesome bands. That’s been amazing, but now we get to headline.

FS: Now it’s your time to shine!

D: Yeah we get to stretch it out a little bit. Play a lot more songs. Play for longer. And we got to hand pick some of our favorite alt-rock bands from the LA scene that we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of to join up. Weathers, Rad Horror, and morgxn. So, we’re excited all around.

FS: That actually leads into my next question. How does that whole process go about? How do you guys pick who is going to open up for you on tour? What about those acts made you want to bring them along with you?

D: Instagram. We slide into the DM’s. We always wanna help out our friends and bands that we like, so. It’s also a process of seeing who’s available. Who’s on tour. Who hates you and doesn’t want to play with you. Some bands definitely were just like, “No.” We have beef. Got plenty of beef. Like with The Wrecks. We have beef with them. They would never play with us. (They just were on tour together earlier this year).

FS: Never ever, huh? Alright, as a group, what would you guys say would be the biggest goal for your career?

D: The goal of Dreamers has always been, from day one, to play the first, sold-out, arena show on the moon. We figure, aim high. Reach for the stars. Then you’ll always be busy. And if you fall short of that, well at least you’ll make it to the sky and it would have been a crazy ride.

FS: Sick. Now down to business. Dreamers started in New York.

D: This is true.

FS: So Where’s the best place in New York to get pizza?

D: Every block in Manhattan. Just walk in a random direction, and you will find some really incredible pizza. It’s not the best pizza necessarily, but I’m a big fan of Two Boots. Love Two Boots. The original one. Now they have them in LA. It’s like the In-and-Out of pizza. The one in like East Village. It was open late. They had a picture of Steve Buscemi’s face on the wall. I don’t know. Its got a good vibe to it. Another favorite is this place called Tony’s out in Bushwick. Yeah that’s the real deal. That’s like…oh man. Let’s go to Tony’s and get a slice. There’s no chain for that one. No branch in LA. Just some real ass New Yorker’s. Also if you want to wait in line for three hours to get a slice of pizza, that’s really good, go to Roberta’s. Everyone goes there. Like Jay-Z has even been there. So if you want a pizza where it’s like, “Hey Jay-Z was here,” there you go. It’s the hipster vibe.FS: Alright last and most important question. Does pineapple belong on pizza.

Jacob: Yes.

Nick: What a controversial question.

FS: It’s yes or no, man.

Nick: I don’t want to alienate our fanbase by getting into some political cadence here. You know, it might turn some people off.

Jacob: Man, what do we eat? Come on. What do we eat?

Nick: But.

Jacob: What do we eat?

Nick: If I’m being honest, we all eat pineapple… the hell out of it… on our pizza. With pepperoni.

Jacob: Pineapple pep.

Nick: But I wouldn’t push my religion on anyone else.

Jacob: Pine. Pep. Piz. Triple P’s.

Nick: I wouldn’t say, you have to like pineapple on pizza. I would say, I love it.

Marc: I’ll be the decider. I’m not really a fan of pineapple on pizza. I’m one of those, like, real chicken and spinach and broccoli. I just like putting vegetables on there to like.

Jacob: So you don’t feel as bad?

Marc: Well I eat the whole thing, but I’ve got like a week’s worth of vegetables.

Nick: See our band is politically divided. But music is..

Jacob: We all love each other.

Nick: Music is always bringing people together. From different ends of the political spectrum.

Keep up with DREAMERS on their journey to playing on the moon. Check out their Facebook, Official Page, and Soundcloud.

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