Festival Fashion Forward – From My Fly Family To Yours

Written by Jennifer Gross
All photos courtesy of Gudvibesphoto

Hey fellow fashionistas and festival goers, let’s talk Festival Season fashion! It doesn’t matter if you roll into each festival solo or with your squad… How we decorate ourselves is always a fun part of the adventure. Whether your flavor of choice is jeweled gypsy, unicorn fairy, desert queen burner or military steampunk, you always want to make sure your outfit is a part of the art wherever you are. I want to share with you some known and maybe some unknown places to pick up your next favorite staple piece or accessory. If you are new to festivals, all are welcome and prepare to express yourself!


If you are searching for the perfect adornment to complete your transformation into a Black Rock Queen or express your inner Boho Goddess in time for Coachella or Burning Man, then Viva Delfina has the perfect piece for you.  These breathtaking handmade butterfly crowns and fascinators (headband) have a birth place in our festival community. Randi Matalas made her first butterfly crown when she fell in love with a piece from fashion designer Alexander McQueen and she was unable to find what she envisioned to complete her outfit for Burning Man one year. Unfortunately, the crown was damaged before she could wear her beautiful creation. Fortunately for her though, the pictures she posted on her social media created a buzz and soon many where asking to purchase her crown.  This amazing turn of events lead her on an epic journey of creating and sharing beauty, love and happiness to so many people. “I feel so lucky to be able to bring joy to people and put beautiful things out into the universe”. Our festival community freed her from the creatively devoid and unfulfilling work life she was living and has given her the gift to create special pieces for some of life’s greatest moments for so many. Like so many of us who are constantly inspired by the uninhibited and over-the-top creativity of the festival community, Randi was also inspired, “It set ablaze a fire in my soul that had been kindling silently for some time. It was my only outlet for expression and I was going to go big.” There are honestly no words to even describe to you just how unique and frankly magical you feel when wearing one of these works of art. “Someone once told me it was the best purchase they had ever made and while they were wearing my headpiece they felt completely loved and adored by everyone who passed them by.” I can without hesitation, whole heartedly agree, and if I could wear my Rainbow Butterfly Crown every single day, I WOULD! I asked Randi to describe who she sees wearing her pieces. “When it comes to the fascinators I always envision a vibrant woman who is confident, bold and fun. She is the ultimate social butterfly, the life of the party. The crowns are more elegant and understated by comparison, for the fashion-conscious woman with a bohemian heart.”  I feel so good about supporting a woman owned small business who is living the PLUR lifestyle in every way. Randi sees her business growing into a full lifestyle company, and I frankly can’t wait to see what the future holds for her creative vision.


If you are stuck at ground zero finding that perfect outfit, Dolls Kill has got you covered in one quick stop. This on-line boutique created by a DJ and a dancer who met while raving, fell in love and got married, was born for the boys and girls who wish to express themselves outside of the“norms” of society. You can feel the San Francisco freedom vibe in everything the company sells. Dolls Kill has the biggest selection of bodysuits and high wasted shorts you will ever need. You can literally create your entire outfit on this one website. Everything from headbands, sunglasses, pasties, tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes and purses/packs. It really doesn’t matter what your personal style is either. Whether you like to shuffle, chill or jam at your favorite festival this year, Dolls Kill has a collection for every doll inside all of us. Take a look at the website and find out which doll you are this time!

One of my favorite places to pick up clothes that express my love and devotion to my favorite music producers is Electric Family. More than just a clothing and bracelet company, Electric Family is a grassroots movement which was born in the music community. The major message is compassion, connection, and acceptance of all people. The company’s idea that every person has the ability and opportunity to make a positive impact on the world in is so inspiring. By partnering with some of the top DJs and music producers in the electronic dance community, they have created a place where you can show love and support to the artists you love and spread good vibes outside of our community as well. I fully support the unique and urban design and blatant propaganda for peace, love and making positive impacts in our daily lives. To this date, Electric Family has donated over $350,000.00 to various charities worldwide through its artist collaboration line.  This is a great place to feel good about what and where your hard earned dollars are going, and to find that Illenium or Marshmello merch for your entire squad. If you are a lover of monthly subscription boxes, then Electric Family has you covered their too. For $25 a month, you can join the members only exclusive merchandise monthly subscription box.

Faux fur

Sprithoods is a Southern California faux fur only company that has quickly made itself a staple in many festival lovers closets. This environmentally conscious company, started by four friends who wanted to give the masses a way to express their love of wild animals while bringing awareness to endangered species. The uncompromising quality and feel of these coats, vests, shawls, hoods and throws will ensure that you are a crowd stopper no matter where you strut your stuff. I literally have a closet full of them and honestly never seem to have enough. I can be a classy leopard one day and a loyal wolf the next! Beyond the top quality of the fur, the unbelievable customer service, and the points reward program, I feel so good about buying from a company who gives a portion of their proceeds to help protect endangered animals and their habitats. So, if you have been thinking about embracing your wild side, I encourage you to do it. Are you a wolf, a leopard or a fox? Check them out to see! Another great option if you want faux fur and wish to light up the night with your rave style as well is Velufur. Another Southern California company, who are proud to produce 100% American made products, all the way down to the zippers folks. Velufur is a company you will quickly fall in love with. Their bright party colors and 2 length options are just sexy.If you tend to be more of the extreme dancer than this is a perfect option as the coats are very breathable and machine washable! Some jackets even have removable sleeves which make them perfect for all seasons festing. Their selection is somewhat smaller than Spirithoods, but these coats are the perfect finish to your festival outfit. Check out the amazing color and length options available.


Third Eye Pinecones, from Santa Cruz California, is my staple festival jewelry. Who am I kidding, I wear my pinecones with pride every day. These beautiful, one of a kind pieces come from one very special species of pinecones that can only be reproduced by forest fires. Talk about rising from the ashes! Only one pendent is created from each pinecone, which adds to their uniqueness. After the pinecones are hand cleaned and polished, the personality of each piece is matched with the perfect inlay to bring out it’s individual personality. You can choose from beautiful stones such as amethyst, opal, turquoise, druzy quartz, aquamarine and so many more. If you prefer your talisman to glow in the dark like you do, then you can purchase crushed malachite or turquoise which are mixed with phosphorescent powder to make them literally glow at night. If sacred geometry inspires you then you have hit the mother lode! You will find pieces inlaid in 24K gold or sterling silver with options like the Seed of Life, Merkaba, and several chakra symbols as well. If glass is more your taste, then you will love the epic collaboration with Tydye Glass. These new pieces are an artistic addition to your collection that you will be proud to wear everywhere. For all my butterfly family out there, you must see the butterfly wing pendants. I am always in complete awe of the color and iridescence of my Sunset Moth butterfly wing pinecone. No worries though, all the wings are sustainable sourced from a Peruvian butterfly farm which helps to protect the locale rain forests from destructive cutting and burning. You will also feel good to know that for each pendent sold, 1-3 trees are planted in partnership with non-profit conservational group American Forests. I promise, one will never be enough, and with 5 sizes to choose from these are the ultimate layering pieces you NEED in your life.
Child of Wild, from San Diego, CA is the mecca for festival worthy jewelry. The focus for this company is sustainability and the pieces result from intense research and are inspired by history and art. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something with bling for your inner disco diva or that headpiece from India you have long been dreaming of, this company has it all. The selection ranges from very high end beautiful turquoise and opal statement pieces all the way down to incredibly affordable silver and gold plated layering necklaces and bracelets that are perfect as a finishing touch. They sell jewelry from your head to your toes, literally. With collections covering Native American, Middle Eastern, African and European, Child of Wild curates a selection that is both trendy and timeless. The quality is well above the standard and I have consistently been impressed with each purchase I make. My crystal headdress from India is always a show stopper.

Hair Color

One of the most expressive and inexpensive ways to decorate yourself for festival season, or if you’re like me year-round, is to have fun, bright and vibrant colored hair in whatever color of the rainbow that speaks to you. The absolute best semi-permanent, long lasting and vibrant brand on the market today is Arctic Fox based out of Southern California. Created by Kristen Leanne in 2014, this dream come true for all lovers of color was born out of Kristen’s own search for extremely bold, long lasting and most importantly non-damaging hair colors. Arctic Fox is 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free and actually good for your hair. The highly pigmented shades are mixed with conditioners, so no matter what you do, you are not ruining your hair. In addition to being gentle to your hair, you can feel good about using a product that is equal parts good for you, the environment and animals. Kristen’s priority of do good to the world extends into where Arctic Fox puts is proceeds. 15% of the company’s profits are donated directly to rescuing animals from kill shelters and the Asian dog meat market. Check out their newest colors for Spring/Summer which include neon, glow in the dark colors.

Glitter/Face Jewels

Last, but never least, I need to share my secret for glitter and face jewels. Ravewonderland has released some very beautiful pre-made statement stick on face jewels that will take the party into the next morning. You can order these online directly from Ravewonderland, or they are also available on Amazon. The prices are the same, sometimes cheaper on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, you could have you piece in 2-days with free shipping. Another great find for showing your inner glow is a bindi, face jewel and glitter company from the UK called Karizma. If you want to avoid the International shipping charge, and US to British pounds conversion charge, then head over to Amazon. The selection is not as large as ordering directly from the UK, but you will have your piece a lot sooner. The design of their Indian inspired bindis is much more traditional than Ravewonderland, and the quality just can’t be beat. Well takin care of, they can be worn multiple times. If glitter creams and gels are more your go to for festivals, then check out the selection of Unicorn Snot and my newest discover UCANBE. The face and body glitter gel/creams come in a variety of colors which can be used alone or layered together to create customized colors that will go with any outfit. They dry fast and last as long as you do. Again, if you want selection, fast and easy/free shipping, then check out Amazon.

I am so excited to see all the creative and imaginative squads and festival goers this year. I am constantly inspired by the limitless ways we can create and then re-create ourselves. There is no right or wrong! You are only limited by your own creativity and vision. Embrace your inner mermaid, unicorn, or fairy. Represent your favorite DJ or music producer. With so many socially conscious companies, small business owners and eco-friendly options out there, you can feel good about how you look and where it came from.

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