The Super Group that Jumped from Facebook to Firefly

It is incredible what the internet can bring us these days. From the ability to order a whole cheese pizza to your house at the click of a button or being able to play games with someone half way around the world, there are so many things one can do online these days. While the world wide web has its fair share of positives and negatives, there is no denying that it has an incredible way of connecting people. I found that to be especially true at Firefly Music Festival this past weekend. I attended the festival with people I met on the internet and had a truly amazing time.

It all started with the created event on the Firefly Music Festival Fan Page (which now has close to 15,000 members). A few started to talk and began to find some like minded people. \Members met up and connected in person for the first time at the onsite brewery in 2014. From there, the meets up continued outside of the festival grounds as well around Maryland, Pennsylvania, D.C., New Jersey, and other surrounding areas. In 2015 Super Camp was officially born as the group met up before to camp together. This year almost 37 cars drove in together to create 50 camp sites Wednesday. The group enjoyed five days of beautiful weather together in the Woodlands this year.

“The supergroup really started with just a few like-minded friends who tend to band together in the camping areas to link their sites and enjoy the experience together. What made that group unique is that they then began to recruit others. They welcomed in strangers who then became not-so-strangers and really grew a community with tight knit bonds and an allegiance towards one another. They look out for and support each other, the way any community should.”

-Michael Greco, huge fan and supporter of supergroup

Breakfast burritos were cooked up, a beer pong tournament took place Thursday (complete with a giant trophy), and someone even volunteered to make a beer run for everyone one of the days. Over the course of the festival many memories with friends new and old were made. The group also had their own koozies, stickers, and flags with a custom-made Supergroup logo.

Inside the festival the group enjoyed sets from Foster The People, Portugal. The Man, SZA, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, The Killers and Arctic Monkeys. They chilled out in hammocks in the Nook, which was complete with a book case of classic and new novels. They sipped on coffee and enjoyed an intimate performance. They caught a unique set at the Treehouse from bands like Foster the People or a Portugal. The Man dj set. They played arcade games and drank the one of a kind Firefly ale at the Dogfish Brewery. Those who were fortunate to have VIP got to see the sets from some of the best viewing areas I have seen at a festival this year.

See for yourself just how much the group has grown since they first started meeting up at the festival in 2014.







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