Sonic Bloom: A Haven for Self-Expression

Sonic Bloom Music Festival is a Colorado gem that brings together thousands yearly in the mountainous lands of Rye, CO. Just two hours south of Denver, Hummingbird Ranch creates an oasis of sound, sight, and experience every time the Summer Solstice comes around. The festival returned this past June 15th-18th, 2018- boasting a heavy-hitting lineup featuring Shpongle, Keys N Kates, EOTO, and a variety of other local and international artists of the mostly-electronic variety. A well-rounded experience, the event featured a wide scope of workshops and interactive activities to entice any type of festival goer. Whether you are one to sleep in all day and catch the Sunrise sets, or the type to pass out early and hit the life-changing workshops in the AM – Sonic Bloom has it ALL!

Beauty is everywhere, be it the venue, the music, the crowds, or even the deliciously overpriced meals. But what REALLY makes Sonic Bloom special is the overarching presence of being true to oneself. Colorado in itself has this overall vibe, and this festival is the perfect place to witness the magic that is present in this community of music- lovers.


Sonic Bloom has the most incredible spectrum of performers that I’ve ever experienced, and the type of performers that will keep you in awe for hours after a set. Styles match up to the artist performing seamlessly and the variety keeps attendees interested all weekend long. And the best part,- these performers are just as much in love with the festival community as you are! Run into them while catching a bite to eat, or even while snooping around at your favorite vendors. The blending between performer and attendee creates a very tight-knit community at the festival that encourages learning and inspiration as well.


I swear, almost everyone I meet at festivals has their own creative specialty. Whether it be hooping, dancing, singing, painting, or whatever else- it seems as though each attendee is a superstar in their own way. The environment allows these talents to flourish and be shared in a judgment-free manner. Sonic Bloom exhibited a mecca of beautiful talents, leaving us at Festival Squad in awe of what is possible in this life and beyond.


Most notable act-

Shpongle closed out the main stage on Sunday night, a psychedelic journey through sound that left thousands in the crowd speechless. English-born producer Simon played a live set featuring ethereal performances that left us with our jaw on the floor, with world-famous Android Jones on visuals- a perfect pairing.

Out of this world food-

Space fruit is a relatively new traveling food vendor that serves up some seriously incredible, 100% organic, fruit pearls. Think our childhood favorite Dip N’ Dots, but more refreshing- AND VEGAN!

The vegan department of Sonic Bloom WINS… be sure to check out SolTribe Cuisine and The Vegetable Express as well¬†for unique creations at your next event! HINT HINT.. try the “Philly”.

The flashy stuff-

Art installations make festivals a truly out-of-this-world experience, and Sonic Bloom kills it in this scope! The art installations took the beautiful, forested venue and turned it into a playground of beauty. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Check out the full 2018 album HERE!

See you next year, Sonic Bloom!

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