Gorgon City, We’re Ready For Your Bass

There’s something to be said about shows that have you wishing you could turn back time. You spend days, sometimes months, reminiscing and daydreaming about the magic you felt in the presence of your favorite artist.

 With multiple chart hits to their name, Gorgon City never fails to deliver anything less than magic. I, myself, have spent days wishing I could turn back time and relive their live set under the desert stars. Their performance at a small festival located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, McDowell Mountain Festival, blew my mind and had me itching to see them again. The UK-based duo masters tracks that are so groovy you can’t possibly stand still while blasting their tunes or in their presence. Add that charisma to a live set and you’ve got a home run. The success of their studio album, Sirens, featuring their highest-charting single to date, “Ready for your Love”, makes it easy to understand their tour-heavy schedule as of late, hitting massive festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury.

Happiness feels how Gorgon City sounds. Addictive basslines and booming vocals seemingly swim in and out of each track they produce. If this is what happens when two London-based artists team up, then let the English continue to school us all. The dynamic duo is currently traveling, seeing the likes of Ibiza, Canada, Budapest, Phoenix, and everywhere in between. Until then, enjoy this live set from down under!

*Photo courtesy of Phoenix New Times.

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