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By: Katarina Cvetko

“After fifteen magnificent years, the time has come to say farewell to Q-BASE”

The recent announcement of the departure of one of Q-Dance’s oldest events has taken the hard dance world by surprise. After fifteen years, the final edition of Q-Base will take place on the 8th of September at Airport Weeze, Germany. The open-air stage lineup was just announced, featuring 11 impressive acts. Check out the announcement and get to know the artists below.


Danish DJ and the youngest artist on the Scantraxx team, Adrenalize, has burst onto the hardstyle scene and is ready to rock the Open Air stage. He’s been putting together samples since he was 10 years old and continues to prove that hardstyle is his calling. Check out his latest tracks below.



Pushing the boundaries of sound for over a decade, Dutch DJ Atmozfears is a rising star in the hard dance world. Creating a sense of togetherness with his emotive sounds, Atmozfears will for sure capture the entire crowd. Check out his latest track with Adrenalize below.


Belgian DJ and producer Coone has been making hardstyle history and shows no signs of slowing down. With his successful record label and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the scene, Coone continues to share his passion with thousands of like-minded souls. Check out his latest track below.


Modern hardstyle game-changer Keltek has been taking the hard dance world by storm for almost a decade with his unique and modern sound. His perseverance helped revolutionize the genre and brought on many exciting career opportunities. Check out his latest track below.



Dutch DJ Bas Oskam, professionally known as Noisecontrollers will be bringing his wide variety of unique sounds to the Open Air stage. With a set filled with original tracks and classic hardstyle anthems, one of the pioneers of the harder styles will be capturing the Spirit of Hardstyle at the final mission. Check out his latest track below.


“Your favourite noise-making genre bender,” N-Vitral will be closing out the Open Air stage at the final edition of Q-Base. The hardcore DJ will be bringing his “crispy loudness from the future” to Germany to close out the festival in true hard dance fashion. Check out his latest track below.



Known for his raw emotion and unique musical storylines, Dutch DJ and hard dance pioneer Phuture Noize will bring his high-quality productions to the Open Air stage. With fresh tracks constantly underway, prepare to be taken for a ride through the phuture. Check out his latest track below.



Rapidly rising star, Radical Redemption has made waves within the hard dance scene with his experimental sounds and pounding kicks. His unique style has defined his career and shocked the scene with hard tracks and a new live act! Prepare to be redeemed and check out his latest track below.


Dutch DJ’s Ran-D and B-Front will join forces to create a unique raw hardstyle sound and vibe. The two have had successful solo careers in the hard dance world and will make a powerful duo. Check out one of their latest tracks below.


Starting his journey at only 12 years old, Retrospect discovered the magical sounds of the harder styles, which inspired him to start producing on his own. Constantly pushing boundaries and drawing inspiration from old and new concepts, Retrospect is on a mission to find the perfect balance between Raw and Euphoric hardstyle. Check out his latest track below.


The final act on the Open Air stage is yet another powerful combination. Dutch DJ’s Wildstylez and twin brothers Sound Rush will come together to put on an exclusive Q-Base performance. Loaded with passion and energy, these artists will put on a show to remember. Check out one of their latest tracks below.


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