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On Sunday night,  the last night of Sound Tribe Sector 9‘s 3- night run in Las Vegas, the band announced: “Take a look at the screens” as they disappeared from the stage taking their set break.  Below is what was projected…

Photo by: Dan Peterson

Wave Spell Live In Belden Town, CA

Save The Date Aug 16-19, 2018

An intimate camping festival event. Featuring 9 sets of STS9 (3 full shows and for the first time 3 live Wave Spell performances). Others artists and activities to be announced. 

STS9 announced to their fans that they will host Wave Spell Live, a four-day camping festival in Belden Town, CA from August 16th to 19th.  Rumors started swirling almost instantly that STS9’s festival will be so intimate that it’s expected to be under 2,000 tickets sold.  Nothing is for sure, but you don’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

According to the limited information given, it looks like Tribe will play three “Wave Spell” sets in addition to three full, two-set shows at their new festival.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with the bands latest music releases, Wave Spell is STS9 in its rawest form. The band stated:

“We don’t talk about what we want to play, we just try and tap into the moment and let the music happen. It’s a conversation where we speak solely with our instruments. A time where we’re completely free to explore.”

If the band’s two Wave Spell releases are any indication, these three sets will be entirely improvised.

More information coming soon.

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  • Frank & Audrey Boswell says:

    We live & work I Belden, Ca. We are so excited to welcome wave spell, sts9 & all of the artists to our town. We are a small tight-nit community that love festival season. Can’t wait…. be safe getting here. See everyone in August. Can’t wait to meet everyone.

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