How the Hell Do I Find My Tent at EDC?

Photo Credit: EDC Website.

EDC is here! Those choosing to camp will be living large in their very own pre-setup SHIFTPOD2. These amazing advanced shelter systems will be air conditioned and serve as the perfect home for you and your squad the whole weekend.

But since all the tents look the same and there will be hundreds of them, the question on everyone’s mind is…..

How the hell am I going to find my tent?!?!

SHIFTPOD Has a Solution

Flaregun has created the Shiftpod Beacon, a mobile application that is the answer to all of your EDC camping worries. Using their augmented reality technology you and your friends can set up a digital totem that lets you see exactly where your tent is. This app will be using AR technology via your camera app on your phone, which means it will not require you to have service. Think Pokemon Go but for a festival!

What All Can It Do?

  • Campers can find their SHIFTPOD without cell/WIFI service
  • Anyone with the app can find friends in the crowd without any WIFI/cell service

Be sure to downloand the app to your phone before you head to the festival!

iPhone users- Download Here

Android users- (Coming 5/17 10AM)

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