Finding Euphoria in New Places

Guest Written by Rachel W.

Photos by Cubby Mellinger

Euphoria Music & Camping Festival returned to Austin, Texas this festival season as a more intimate electronic festival dubbed Finding Euphoria. Instead of being held at its usual home, Carson Creek Ranch, it was relocated to several venues located in the heart of downtown Austin. Empire, Mohawk, and Barracuda were the clubs that served as Finding Euphoria’s new multi-site home. The new downtown Austin setting was a fascinating change of scene from the usual outdoor venue. Mohawk has now become one of my favorite clubs because of its urban-like setting with many top floor viewing areas to explore.

Euphoria has held a special place in the hearts of many Texans and nationwide festival goers for the past seven years and is known for its charming allure. Despite being downsized to a smaller scale festival, the true essence of the festival carried on into this year’s event. Friendly faces and kind-hearted souls could be encountered throughout the entire night. Strangers became new friends as attendees mingled and danced the night away.

It felt great to be submerged in the unique Euphorian art culture once again. There were live artists at each venue creating one-of-a-kind original art pieces as well as selling their work. It was mesmerizing watching all of the artists at work painting everything from abstract pieces to vibrant mandalas. Artist Scott Locke caught my eye with his stunning psychedelic inspired, hand-cut paper collages that he had on display. Another artist showcased his beautifully handcrafted wire wrapped crystal pendants and jewelry.

The festival is known for delivering one of the most diverse lineups within the Texas festival circuit and this year’s lineup was nothing short of impressive. K?d’s set at Empire was the highlight of the night for me. The Glitch Boy played an upbeat set with sweet melodic sounds that had the crowd going crazy. Later that evening, EDM duo ATLiens abducted the audience down the street at Mohawk. They threw down a hard-hitting, filthy set that shook the entire venue and triggered some crazy bass faces throughout the crowd. Even when downtime presented itself in between sets, the Silent Disco was in the groove all night long at Empire. Festival goers could move around the venue as they pleased while getting to choose from several channels to get funky to.

The magical essence of Euphoria was well preserved through Finding Euphoria. It was a pleasure to witness the transformation of the festival to a new and smaller scale experience. Attending Finding Euphoria truly showcased the beauty behind the EDM culture, uniting people from all walks of life. Little things truly do come in big packages and I am very much looking forward to what’s in store for next year’s installment of Euphoria.

Until next year!

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